New and Unique Slot Gamble Game Features

your-gambleIf like us you are getting a tad bored with the gamble game options which have been attached to online slot games for many years now, then you may be interested to learn that there are now some slot games which have had their respective gamble games revamped and offer you a brand new way of trying to increase the value on any spun in winning combination.

Whilst we did enjoy the brand new Your Gamble Game that Microgaming launched and added to their Untamed Series of Slots we have equally been as impressed by the next generation of slots launched by BetSoft Gaming who have designed a unique collection of gamble game options on many of their state of the art 3D slot games.

Have a look at the many ways that you will now get to play off the gamble game options on any of the listed below BetSoft Gaming Slots, these gamble games are 3D games much like the slot games they are attached to, and when you are feeling lucky they are great games to opt to play and can significantly increase a modest winning payouts value through a series of winning player outcomes.

Coin Toss Gamble Game

One of the most recent brand new gamble game options offered on some of the range of BetSoft Gaming’s slot machines is the coin toss feature. As the name of this gamble game implies you are faced with having to pick either heads or tails in the hope that once that coin has been tossed and lands the side you chose is the one that is left facing upwards.

This is a straight forward yet very easy to play and understand 50/50 type of gamble game feature, and what can often make it one that turns a small winning payout into a much larger one is the you can opt to take the gamble game repeatedly, as long as obviously you guessed the previous toss of the coin correctly then you can try and increase that now doubled original winning payout again.

Should you fancy playing slot game that offers this type of coin toss gamble game then one slot worth sitting down and playing is the At the Copa Slot, which should keep you entertained and amused, plus thanks to its many optional paylines you should get plenty of winning combinations forming which you can then opt to gamble.

Guess the Hand Gamble Game

Probably the most bizarre yet fun to play gamble game option you are going to come across when playing online slot games is found attached to The Curious Machine Slot game, this is a bonus gamble game on which when you opt to take the gamble you have to select whether a coin is hiding in the left or right hand of the onscreen robot.

A correct guess will of course mean that you have instantly doubled the amount of cash you gambled and can then take another go at the gamble game to try and increase your winning payout further, however do not forget that an incorrect guess on this or any gamble game will result in your losing any amount you won on the base game.

Heads or Tails Gamble Game

One quite novel slot machines gamble game is found in play and attached to the After Night Falls Slot game which is another of our featured and fully reviewed BetSoft Gaming slot games which offers players plenty of winning opportunities and a brand new 3D playing structure which brings the slot game alive.

When you are playing this particular slot and get a winning combination spinning in there may come a time when you fancy trying to boost the value of that winning payout, and if so then by taking the double or nothing gamble game option you will then be able to take part is a coin tossing game on which you simply have to guess if a coin once tossed, is going to land heads or tails up.

This is a 50/50 gamble game and as such you should get just as many winning outcomes as losing outcomes, however when taking any gamble game option even though you can continue to gamble when you have had a winning outcome, never get too greedy for if you do and you keep on gambling that winning payout the odds on you selecting a losing outcome will increase.

Odd or Even Dice Roll Gamble Game

If you choose to play the Under the Bed Slot game which is another of our fully reviewed BetSoft Gaming slot machines and you spin in a winning combination when playing the base game you can opt to take a gamble game option which is like no other.

This gamble game will see you having to correctly predict whether the outcome of a roll of some dice will result in the up facing sides of the dice, when added together will be either an odd number or an even number, any winning outcome will enable you to take the gamble option again, but as such there is the very real risk you may end up losing what you have so far accumulated by continuing to take and then playing out this or any other slot games gamble game option.

Black or Red Card Guessing Game

If you prefer playing slot games which have the standard playing card colour predicting type of gamble game but which to play them via 3D high definition graphics and animations then one slot which may be worthy of a little play time is the BetSoft Gaming powered The Exterminator Slot.

This gamble game will not baffle or confuse you and with the playing cards in the deck only being red or black then this is another 50/50 type gamble game! This admittedly is by no stretch of the imagination an exciting gamble game. However as with most things in life some slot players will enjoy it and some players won’t.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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