New Casino Poker Games

In addition to the standard and established casino poker card games which we have listed on our Guide to Playing Casino Poker Games section of the website you are going to find a range of brand new casino poker games, and we have listed these new games below.

You will find these new casino poker games offer different playing structures and many of them offer a unique set of bonus payouts in addition to the base game payouts, however a bonus type bet will be required to be placed to enable you to benefit and be awarded the bonus bet payouts, have a look through this listing for there really are some very unique types of games on offer which may just appeal to you.

All of the games listed below can be found at Microgaming software powered casinos be aware there are a range of Playtech Casino Poker Games that may be of interest to you and if so do checkout our in-depth guide on their range of games.

Caribbean Stud Poker

The game of Caribbean Stud Poker is one on which you can place an additional side bet to activate a progressive jackpot, the aim of the base game is to simply end you game with a high ranked five card poker hand than the one the Dealer is holding.

You will be dealt out five cards initially and you can then opt to have one or two of these cards replaced with new cards dealt from the deck. The Dealer is required to get a hand with at least a Pair of Eights in it to enable his hand to Qualify.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

The casino poker game of Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is very similar to the standard Texas Hold’em Poker game and as such it follows the very same playing sequence. You will be given the option of placing a Bonus Bet to qualify for a range of additional winning payouts based on the strength of your initial set of Pocket Cards, and the base game is a heads up game of poker between you and the Dealer.

Initially you and the Dealer will be dealt a pair or Pocket Cards and then the game will progress through the Flop, River and Turn cards aspect of the game and finally the game will arrive at the showdown where you will be hoping your initial two Pocket Cards along with any combination of three Community Cards beat the Dealer’s hand.

Triple Action Hold’em Bonus Poker

The Triple Action Hold’em Poker game is a very unique card game in as much as the only cards left in play in the deck are the 8’s through to the Aces, all of the cards lower in value than an 8 have been removed and will never be put into play.

This game requires both an Ante Bet to be placed along with one of two different bonus type bets, once you have placed an Ante Bet and placed a bet on either the Bonus bet or Flop side bet options the game can be set into play. The aim is to end your game with any of the hands listed on the games Ante Bet pay table and/or one of the hands listed on the bonus bet option you have chosen to wager on.

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker

This is a very similar game to the standard game of Texas Hold’em Poker, however once you have set the game into motion three sets of Pocket Cards are dealt out by the Dealer and you are required to pick one of these sets of Pocket Cards to be your initial cards.

The aim of this particular casino poker game variant is that your final hand must beat both of the Dealers two hands. Both you and the Dealer can use any combination of cards which can include your Pocket Cards or just the Community Cards which are dealt out in the usual Flop, Turn and River sequence.

High Speed Poker

You will find a Multi Hand variant of High Speed Poker available online and as such when you opt to play this game you will be given the option of playing from one to five separate hands per game.

This is another of the many different casino poker games on which you can, if you desire, place a non obligatory side bet wager and by doing so a range of bonus payouts could be yours should you get dealt one of the hands listed on the bonus bet pay table.

The base High Speed Poker game requires an Ante Bet to be placed on each hand you wish to play and then three cards will be dealt out to you and three to the Dealer, the aim is to finish the game with a hand higher in value than that of the Dealer, the Dealer must Qualify by having a hand containing a Queen or higher for you to be able to benefit from a set of additional payouts.

If you opt to place the Bonus Bet then you will be awarded with a range of bonus payouts based on the ranking of your hand, irrespective of what hand the Dealer has been dealt and is showing.

Hold ‘Em High Poker

You will be able to play up to five hands of Hold ‘Em High Poker when playing online for Microgaming’s version of this game is a Multi Hand variant. You need to place an Ante Bet on each hand you have opted to play before you can be dealt your initial set or sets of Pocket Cards.

An additional Bonus Bet option is available and by placing this alongside any or all of your initial Ante Bets you can qualify for a range of bonus payouts. The basic format and structure of this game is relatively straight forward to understand you will be dealt two Pocket Cards to each hand you have placed an Ante wager on and the Dealer is also dealt to Pocket Cards.

If any of the hands you have opted to put into play are higher ranked at the Showdown part of the game than the Dealers you will receive a winning payout based on the ranking of your hand, your two Pocket Cards must be used in your final hand along with any combination of the Community Cards.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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