New Gamble Features on BetSoft Slots

When any slot game has a gamble feature on offer you can often be tempted to take that gamble game if you are not having much luck on the base game, however by taking the gamble option you do always run the risk of losing what you won on the base game.

Many players can get a little carried away when using a slot games gamble feature, for if you do take it and have an initial outcome you will then be given the option of taking the gamble game repeatedly and the chance of massively increasing the value of a spun in winning combination can be too much of a temptation for some players.

So with that in mind always proceed with caution when taking a slot games gamble game option for whilst you may have a winning outcome when taking it you will always run the very real risk of losing.

In fact many slot games such as those from Microgaming or Playtech have rather boring gamble games on which you have to guess the colour of a playing card that will be dealt out to you and if you guess the colour correctly you will then double the winning payout you gambled.

Some slot games from those two leading slot game designers will also give you the option of quadrupling the value of a spun in winning combinations payout amount and to do that you need to guess the suit of a playing card that will shortly be dealt out to you.

However when you choose to play any of the BetSoft slots you are going to come across some very unique gamble game options which will certainly liven up your slot playing if you are interested in making use of those gamble features.

With that in mind let us now run through the many different ways the gamble game features work and operate on several BetSoft Gaming slot games.

Heads or tails gamble game – One quite novel way which you are going to be able to try and double the value of as a spun in winning payout is by making use of the heads or tails gamble game which is currently available on the At the Copa slot. When playing off that bonus game you are faced with a 50/50 decision as to whether a coin when flipped in the air is going to land with its face side up or its tails side up.

This will certainly be a tad more exciting gamble type game than the usual guess the colour of the playing card gamble game attached to many other slot games from other game designers.

Catch or miss gamble game – When you have chosen to play the It Came From Venus slot, which by the way is a very entertaining slot to play, when you spin in any winning combination via the base game you will then be given the option of playing off one of the more comical types of gamble games, and as such this may be a slot you will enjoy playing.

Once you have clicked on the gamble button you then have to correctly predict whether an item which will be launched at the alien plant is going to see that item being caught by that plant of whether the plant will not catch that item! Guess correctly and you will double the value of your initial winning payout and you will then be given the option of taking the gamble game again.

As long as you have experienced a winning outcome on this very unique gamble game then you will be able to take it again and again, until you reach the maximum payout limit on this slot game or until you reach the maximum number of gamble game tries.

Guess a hand gamble game – Another fun to play off gamble game you will come across is the guess the hand one. When playing this game you need to pick whether it is the right hand or the left hand of the online character that has a coin hiding in one hand.

By guessing the hand correctly then the winning payout you achieved via the base game will be doubled instantly and you will be offered the option to carry on gambling. However, if you make the incorrect decision then you will lose the entire amount you gamble, so always take the gamble game knowing that you could lose everything you won on that base game spin.

Dice Rolling Gamble Game – If you decide to play the BetSoft Gaming designed slot games then on some of them as soon as you have spun in one or more winning combinations on any of your activated payline you are given the option of taking the gamble game feature round.

The one attached to this slot game is going to see you having to guess whether the outcome of three rolled dice will result in an odd number or an even number being displayed on all of the up facing sides of those three dice when all added together.

Obviously there are eight odd numbers that can be rolled in on those three dice and also eight odd numbers, so no matter whether you guess odds or even you have a 50/50 chance of winning via that gamble game feature round.

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