New Jersey Sports Bettors Turn to Overseas Baseball for Betting Needs

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With the major sports leagues of America all deciding what actions to take in the attempt at setting a return date, ESPN made a big announcement today. They have struck a deal with the KBO.

That’s right. The Korea Baseball Organization is now going to be coming to your televisions and ESPN apps. Six days a week of coverage of these games will allow for bettors to really take action and get to the sportsbooks.

The unique thing about this baseball league is that some of the teams put robot mannequins socially distanced in the stands. They’re really keeping their six feet.

This circumstance is a lucky one for so many sportsbooks out there. For Jersey, this is an opportunity to bring in some serious profits, as the big-gamblers are going to be going all-in on this new league, trying to make it happen. The KBO is ready to make some noise and try and swing some major profits in the process.

A lot of the wagers being made are relatively simple. The spread in virtually all baseball games is 1.5 runs, so trying to find the team favored to win is always the tough part. Taking the over/under in runs scored, home runs hit, and innings pitched from the starter, etc. are the main bets.

And then you have all of the prop bets. How many ejections for the game, number of pitching changes, time of the game, etc. And the best part of this new league that’s bringing baseball fans huge excitement? The year just began, and they are slated to play 120 games. That’s several months’ worth of games.

The only issue here is that the games are going to be basically airing in a timeframe ranging from the middle of the night to the early morning. Start times (ET) will vary anywhere from 1 am to 5:30 am, making it a little tough for those heavy sleepers to either stay up or tune in.

Full Coverage

ESPN did do something sure to make more people interested, though. They’ve got broadcasters to cover the games.

The likes of Karl Ravech and Boog Sciambi will be doing play-by-play, with usual analysts such as Kyle Peterson and Jessica Mendoza joining them. A broadcaster’s dream to still be able to call live games and be part of a new experiment during a pandemic.

Normally when it’s April/May, sportsbooks are getting a lot of hockey and basketball action, given that the leagues play their postseasons then. The sportsbooks are wide open right now, and the KBO is set to make some serious noise.

Because now that these games are on ESPN, you’ll be seeing live tweets of them from the network, prompting clicks from all over. Only the extreme baseball fans that found streaming services and all had been paying real attention to it. This is a gold mine.

Able To Understand

It also helps that the games will be in English now, easier for a large chunk of the viewers that don’t speak Korean to understand what’s going on. It’s been way too long since we have all heard a game broadcasted by a familiar voice, so that also will attract more.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime type of opportunity for a league like the KBO to become THE sport to watch. Americans always have one of the four major sports (basketball, football, hockey baseball) to watch during the year. And they have golf, tennis, NASCAR too. Not this time.

We could see a lot of one-time Major Leaguers head to Korea if this goes like they’re hoping it will.

So, get to the sportsbooks now. We’re less than 24 hours away from ESPN’s first KBO broadcast.

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