New NetEnt Bonus Keno Game Released

netentKeno is possibly not going to be high up on your list of games to play when you are logged into one of our featured NetEnt Casinos, for when playing at such sites you will often be attracted to playing the range of NetEnt slots on which all manner of bonus games and bonus featured can be found.

However, with the launch of the Bonus Keno game this may be a game worth checking out for not only does it offer you the chance to win some large cash payouts from very low stakes, you could also trigger a bonus game and also if everything falls into place when playing it you could win a progressive jackpot too.

We have not come across many other Keno games on which players do have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot, and you may not have come across one either. If that is the case then please read on for we shall now enlighten you as to what makes the Bonus Keno game so highly playable and appealing to players.

How to Play Bonus Keno

You will first need to find a NetEnt powered casino site at which you can play Bonus Keno at, however that will not be a problem as all casinos using the no download gaming platform offered by NetEnt will have it on offer, and one such site is the Lucky Dino Casino.

In fact do checkout their website or our review of this very highly regarded casino site, for currently they have  generous sign up bonus offer which you are more than welcome to claim as a first time player which will massively increase the value of your initial deposit into that site.

When you choose to play Bonus Keno you will be given the choice in regards to the stakes that you can play it for. You can select a stake level of 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00 and 5.00 and once you have chosen a stake level you then have to pick between two and ten numbers.

You pick the numbers you would like to have in play by clicking onto them via the Keno card displayed on the screen, once you have selected your numbers you then simply have to click onto the Go button and then 20 numbers will be drawn out of the Keno machine.

There are in total 80 numbers displayed on the Keno card and as such you can have any of them in play per game you play but you cannot pick more than ten of them to be in live play on any one single game you play off.

Depending on just how many numbers you have chosen and just how many of them you match a range of cash payouts will be awarded to you. For details of how much you can win per game based on just how many numbers you have chosen, simply look at the payout schedule which is displayed at the side of the Keno card.

An auto play feature is also on offer and you will be able to play off either five or ten games of Bonus Keno at a time. However, do ensure that you have enough cash in your casino account to be able to play off the number of games you have chosen when using the auto play option.

Progressive Jackpot

There is a live progressive jackpot in play on the NetEnt designed Bonus Keno game, and every single game you play off will give you the chance of winning that jackpot. The more you stake per game you play the larger share of that jackpot you stand to win.

The way in which the jackpot is awarded to players playing the bonus Keno game is by those players having to form a special “J” pattern on their Keno card, for reference that pattern is formed when the numbers 3, 4, 14, 24, 34, 44, 51, 54, 62 and 63 are all drawn out of the machine as any game is in play.

When playing for stakes of 1.00 you will win a 20% share of the current progressive jackpot value when that pattern is formed on any game you play off, a 2.00 stake will see you winning 40% of the jackpot when you have formed that pattern on your Keno card.

By wagering 3.00, 4.00 or 5.00 the percentage of the jackpot pool as displayed on the jackpot meter will be 60%, 80% and 100% respectively when you do form that winning pattern. Be aware it does not matter whether you have selected those numbers which form the pattern or not or whether the game on which you have played is a winning or losing one as soon as that pattern is formed you will win the share of the jackpot as displayed above.

A 3% progressive jackpot contribution is added to the jackpot pool from the stake of every player who plays the Bonus Keno game in the reel money mode. The jackpot cannot be won for real when playing this game for free.

Bonus Game

A bonus game can also be triggered when you play Bonus Keno, and this is achieved by you revealed Joker symbols as you play several games consecutively. If at any time you reveal a Joker symbol when playing off a single game then the Joker will be added to the Joker Grid located at the top of the screen.

As soon as you have accumulated a total of five Jokers during any one or more session on this game you play then the bonus game will be awarded to you. During the bonus game which is a free game any winnings you achieved with the exception of the progressive jackpot is doubled in value.

Be aware that the more numbers you pick to play off on each game of Bonus Keno that you play the more you stand to win, and as such the payout percentage of this game will be between 84.00% and 88.50%.

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