New Pick ‘Em Poker Game Launched

pick-em-pokerIf you love playing Video Poker based games, then make sure when you get some spare time that you checkout the brand new Pick ‘Em Poker game which has recently been launched in our Playtech software powered casinos.

This is a brand new Video Poker game and unlike most other variants when you choose to play it you can pick whether to play it as a single hand game or play it as a multi hand game! You can play one single hand or select to play four, ten, twenty five, fifty or one hundred hands per single game.

To allow players to select any of those playing structures, Playtech have chosen to make the stake levels at which you can play each hand very affordable, The minimum coin value settings are as low as 0.01 which does of course mean playing the 100 hand variant is not going to break your bank.

The objective of Pick ’Em Poker is to obtain a five-card poker hand that contains a winning combination. You can choose the number of hands to play with. Each hand uses its own deck of cards.

How to Play Multi Hand Pick ‘Em Poker

This Pick ‘Em Poker game uses a deck or decks of cards that are always fully shuffled before you set a new hand into action. This ensures that the game is both 100% fair and truly random and there is no way of knowing what the next card going to be dealt out is, until you see it being revealed.

To play this game all you have to do is to select, from the drop down menu located at the top right hand side of the screen just how many hands you wish to play. You are only able to alter the number of hands before you actually set the game into motion.

As the screen is going to display all of the hands you are playing, the Pay Table is not visible as you are playing this game, however you can of course view the pay table at any time, and to do this just click on the Pay Table button which is located at the top right hand side of the screen and the pay table will then be displayed.

Once you have chosen how many hands you wish to play you next need to adjust the coin values you will be playing for along with the number of coins on each hand. You can play from one to five coins per hand dealt out to you.

The Pay table screen also shows your gaming limits. The minimum and maximum bets apply for all hands activated in a game round. The minimum and maximum bet limits are dependent on your VIP level. The limits are shown in the Min Bet and Max Bet fields on the Pay table screen.

When you are ready to set the game into play simply click on the Deal button. You are then going to be dealt out two initial cards which are dealt facing upwards, plus you will also then be dealt out a further set of two stacked of playing cards and each of those two stacks have three cards in them, you can only see the top card on each of those two stacked by the way.

You are then faced with having to choose which of the two stacks of three cards you would like to keep and you do tick by clicking on the Pick Stack button displayed on those two sets of playing cards. The other stack of cards will then be removed from the game and discarded.

Once the discarded stack of cards has been removed then the cards in your chosen stack are revealed to you and you will then have your five card initial hand. Any additional hands you are playing will then use the initial two individual cards and the top card from the stack as their three initial cards.

The game will then deal out the additional cards needed to each of any additional hands you are playing so each hand ends up with a full five playing cards in that hand.

If any of the hands you have chosen to play ends up with one of the winning hand combinations as listed on the pay table then you will win the amount of coins associated with that hand combination for each winning hand you have formed.

Double or Nothing Bonus Gamble Game

You are able to gamble any hand combinations value that has been dealt out to you when playing this game, subject to it not exceeding the Gamble Limit imposed on the game. To try and win more when playing this game simply click on the Gamble button.

A playing card will then be dealt out and you have the option of gambling half or all of your initial winning hand combinations value by selecting one of the face down cards that you think when revealed will be of a higher value that the up facing playing card.

An incorrect guess will result in your losing the funds you gambled but a winning selection doubles your wager amount instantly, and allows you to take the gamble game option again if you so choose.


There is a range of winning payouts that can be awarded to you based on just which hand combinations you are dealt.  These winning hand combinations starting with the lowest paying ones are: Pair of Nines or Better, Two Pairs, Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush and the Royal Flush hand.

If you choose to play five coins per hand then the jackpot paying Royal Flush hand will award a 6000 coin payout when you have placed a maximum bet wager and are dealt the Royal Flush hand in any matching suit in any combination.

This game is actually one of the highest paying Video Poker games you can play online for its RTP when played perfectly is a massive 99.95%.

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