New Vegas Slot Machines

Spending a full 18 days in Vegas in the run up to and over Christmas 2015 we did manage to avoid a lot of the usual crowds that descend on this gambling mecca at other times of the year.

That did of course mean I was able to experience the delights of playing a huge number of brand new slot machines in various Las Vegas Casinos that usually have queues of players waiting to play them.

Below you will find a list of the many different brand new slot machines that I played, and for a more detailed overview of any of them simply click on the link.

Britney Spears Slot – Having no interest in Britney Spears or her music I was not really looking to play her brand new namesake slot. However, I did finally give it a whirl and was unusually impressed by what this slot had to offer.

The Walking Dead Slot – If there was just one slot machine I was very eager to play it was the Walking Dead slot. Being an avid fan of the TV series I wanted to experience the unique features attached to this slot, eventually I found a couple of them on the gaming floor in the Luxor Casino.

A Christmas Story – Since it was Christmas time when I was in Vegas there was just no way that I could pass on playing this slot. I really like these branded games from Aristocrat since they have good potential for high payouts.

Wonder Woman Slot – I played the Wonder Woman slot several times however found it to be a slot that I could never trigger the bonus game when playing, and also the progressive jackpots didn’t seem to grow in value quickly which is a sign of a slot not many other players enjoyed playing.

Can-Can Slot – I thought there would be lots of Can-Can slot machines available as having heard about this slot and its unique features I was fairly confident plenty of casinos would have it on their gaming floors. However, it proved to be an elusive slot to track down however I did finally find a couple of them to play.

Titanic Slot – One slot that was getting a lot of attention from eager players was the brand new Titanic slot. Featuring several progressive jackpots and lots of randomly awarded bonus games it was another slot I couldn’t wait to get stuck into playing.

The Big Bang Theory Slot – i saw quite a number of different Big Bang Theory slot games available, one was a huge single player slot and others I saw were slots on which you could play up to four different screens all at the same time.

Sex in the City Slot – i found the Sex in the City slot game to be something of an infuriating slot to play, it does come with its own set of bonus features, however when they hit the amounts of cash you can win are very small in value, despite some high value multipliers coming into play.

Buffalo Grand Slot – One slot machine which is available in almost all casinos in Las Vegas is the buffalo slot game. However, there are now several different slots in this series and one of the very latest ones is the Buffalo Grand slot.

Buffalo Stampede Slot – Another slot which was popular with players which makes up the Buffalo series of slot machines is the Buffalo Stampede slot game. This slot comes with a unique base game feature that can boost the number of ways to win you have in live play.

The Hangover Slot – Based around the film the Hangover this slot offers player plenty of fun and entertainment thanks to its humorous sound effects and backing tracks that play out when you are inserting money, pressing the max bet button or simply playing the slot.

Batman Slot – You cannot miss the huge new Batman slot machines are they are designed as two player slots and as such they do take up a lot of room thanks to the three large bonus wheels positioned at the top of each pair of them. I found this slot to be a very low variance one and one that seemed to trigger it bonus games extremely regularly.

Avatar Slot – I stumbled upon a slot tucked away in the corner of one casinos which I thought would be getting a lot of attention from players but surprisingly it wasn’t. That slot was the Avatar slot which is of course based around the slot of the same name.

Luxor 3D Slot – Presented in large banks for three machines the Luxor 3D slot game was certainly a sight to behold. These large oversized slots machine boast a 3D set of graphics which totally immerse players. Triggering the bonus game sees players then taken on a graphical journey which is where those high definition graphics really do come into their own.

The Wizard of Oz Slot – One slot which you will find fun to play and one that can bang out some huge valued winning payouts, including a mega sized progressive jackpot is the Wizard of Oz slot game. Checkout my review of this slot for I found it a fully rounded slot and plenty of bonus games can be triggered when playing it.

Gold Fish Slot – There were certainly no shortages of Gold Fish slot machines dotted around every casino i visited, and this very colourful slot is always going to give you a fun filled slot playing session thanks to its randomly awarded bonus features.

Flying Horse Slot – A rather agonising slot game to play was the Flying Horse slot, this has to be one of the lowest variance slots I have come across for when playing it the value of the winning payouts are tiny. However, that is probably due to your stakes feeding several progressive jackpots which are displayed at the top of the screen.

Luck Tree Slot – The curved slot screen on the Lucky Tree slot game makes this brand new slot machine stand out and this is one of a growing number of Asia themed slot games which I came across in Vegas. Two bonus games can be triggered when playing it, both of which can and do award some fairly large valued winning payouts.

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