New Triple Action Hold ‘Em Casino Game

triple-action-holdemGetting overwhelmed with the sheer number of casino card games on offer at some casino sites is something you are going to have to get used to when you choose to become an online casino player.

When you make the decision of playing at downloadable or instant play casino sites, should those sites be ones which have on offer Microgaming designed games then you are going to have literally hundreds of great looking and some potentially very high paying card and other games to play.

However, what does make Microgaming powered sites highly appealing sites for card game players in particular is that you are going to have access to some brand new high definition casino poker based games, which unlike standard poker games you will be playing solely against the dealer and not against slots of other players.

Take the game of Triple Action Hold ‘Em, this game is now available at all Microgaming casinos and thanks to its unique head up playing structure and its relatively low house edge, coupled with a range of bonus cash payouts, it may be a game you will enjoy playing repeatedly.

Rules of Triple Action Hold ‘Em

As with any new casino card game you come across, the devil is always in the detail, and with that in mind we shall now give you an overview of how this game has been designed and how you will be able to play it should you decide to give it some play time.

Cards in the Deck – The first thing that you do need to be aware of when playing this game is that unlike most other casino card games the number of cards in the shoe of the Triple Action Hold ‘Em game is much lower that all other card games.

The only cards in the deck are the 8’s, 9’s, 10’s Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces and as such the deck is single deck in which there are only 28 cards in play. The dealer will always deal the cards before any new game is dealt out to ensure each game is completely fair and 100% random.

Staking Options – You will be required to place an Ante bet before you can then play off your hand, and the staking options available are from 1.00 through to 100.00. Once you have placed your wager and wish to carry on playing that hand you will then need to place a Play bet which will be an identical amount as the Ante bet.

You are also able to place a Side Bet Flop bet which an optional side bet wager which awards its own unique set of payouts. Another optional side bet wager is the Bonus Side Bet option, each of those two optional bonus bets options have their own betting position on either side of the main betting box area on the table layout.

Initial Deal – At the initial deal you are going to be dealt out two cards and the Dealer will also receive two cards, three Community Cards are also going to be dealt out in the middle of the table at the initial deal stage of the game.

Aim of the Game – You are simply tasked with trying to form a higher valued 5 card poker hand than the Dealer manages to form and as such you will be required to use both your two Pocket Cards and also the three Community Cards which have been dealt out in the middle of the table.

Be aware that to start receiving some of the higher valued winning payouts for forming some of the best ranked poker hands the Dealer has to qualify which means the Dealers hand at the very least must contain a pair of 9’s or any higher valued hand combination.

Winning Payouts – One the Ante game is you hand beats the Dealers hand by its hand ranking then you Ante bet is paid out at odds of even money, if the Dealers hand beats you hand in value then you will lose, that is only applicable however if the Dealers hand has qualified.

Should you get dealt out any hand combination but the Dealers hand does not qualify by having at least a pair of 9’s in that hand then your Play bet is a push so is returned to you in full and your Ante bet is paid out at odds of even money.

Should you and the Dealers hand both be matched and have the same poker hand ranking then the game ends in is push or tie and as such both your Ante and Play bets are returned to you.

A range of Ante Bonus winning payout will be awarded to you when you are dealt out certain hand combinations which beat the Dealers hand when the Dealers hand has qualified. If you get dealt out a Full House then the Ante bet is paid out at odds of 2 to 1. Any 4 of a Kind player hand combination will receive an Ante Bonus bet winning payout worth 4 to 1.

Should you get dealt out a Flush then the Ante bet is paid out at odds of 6 to 1. Any Straight Flush player hand combination will receive an Ante Bonus bet winning payout worth 20 to 1. A huge 50 to 1 Ante bonus bet winning payout is awarded to you should you get dealt out any one of the four possible Royal Flush hands when the Dealers hand has qualified.

Bonus Bets Payouts – You are also going to be able to place two optional side bet wagers when you choose to play the Triple Action Hold ‘Em casino card game, and when playing this game if you are interested in placing those bonus side bet options then click on the payout schedule button displayed don’t he game screen to find out what the bonus payouts you can be awarded with when you have placed either or both of those two bets.

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