New Year, New Gambling Strategy

As part of our series of Looking Forward to 2015 articles in this one we will take a look at a few ways that you may wish to change your gambling strategy for the year ahead. We are aware that many of our website visitors have had a very profitable year in 2014 gambling online at several of our featured online casino sites.

However, gambling would not be gambling if the opposite was also not true, and we are also aware there have been some players who no matter what they have done they haven’t managed to get ahead at all financially, and as such may be looking to change the way they gamble online for the year ahead in the hope that can start getting more winning gambling sessions online than losing ones.

Should you wish to start playing casino games in a completely different way in 2015 than you did during 2014, then carry on reading for below we will enlighten you on a few ways that you may just be able to find yourself getting more winning opportunities and we will also let you know how to ensure you always do have the maximum chances of ending any online casino session in profit.

Claiming Bonuses and Earning Comps

You are often going to be faced with a decision before you make a deposit into any online casino site and that decision will be whether you should claim any bonuses that are currently available to you from that site. For not only are new player bonuses always on offer if you have never played at one casino site before as a real money player, but the vast majority of online casinos also make available to their players reload type bonuses.

However, as sure as night follows days when you do make use of and claim any casinos bonus offers you are then going to instantly be locked into their terms and conditions of those bonuses, and it is those terms and conditions that will ultimately determine your chances of making it to a point in that bonus play session when you have cleared the play through requirements and can then go on to cash out any winnings.

With this in mind as part of your real money casino game playing strategy we would always advise you to think long and hard before claiming any type of casino bonus, and always have a look through the terms and conditions for you are going to have to determine whether a bonus is worth claiming or not.

If any casino bonus offer in any way restricts the amount of cash you can finally withdraw once you have achieved and exceeded any play through requirements then that is a bonus you will never want to take, as maximum cash out limits are always going to block your chances of winning big when you have taken a bonus offer.

Also if you are limited in regards to exactly what types of casino game you can play with a bonus then unless you specifically wish to play the limited range of games such a bonus will let you play then always also avoid such bonuses, as it is often the case those bonuses will only give you access to games that have very low RTP’s or high house edges which will ultimately reduce your winning chances.

Finally make sure that you are not going to be tied into a huge amount of play through requirements when you claim any casinos bonus offers and that you are not forced to have to play with a maximum bet limit imposed on all wagers laced when you have a casino bonus in your account.

Online casinos will often limit their exposure to a player winning big after that player has claimed a bonus by inserting into their bonus terms and conditions a large play through requirement and also a maximum bet limit whilst a player is using bonus funds, and those rules will often see you having very little chance of winning with bonus funds.

One final thing you should be looking to for is whether any comp points you are amassing when playing real money online casino games are going to allow you to redeem those comp points for cash or bonus credits.

You should try and stick to playing at casinos that let their players turn their accumulated comp points into real cash funds and not bonus funds, for the if you redeem comp points of bonus funds then you will have all manner of play through requirements to make before you can cash out any winnings with those credits, where as when your comp points are turned into cash credits you are free to withdraw them or do with them as you please with no restrictions in place what so ever.

Best Real Money Casino Games to Play

One final aspect of putting into play a new playing strategy is to take a look at the category of games you are most interested in playing, and finding out what the house edges and payout percentages are on those games you play.

You will find that the RTP’s and house edges of a lot of casino games are not as high as you would have hoped for and the only way that you are going to get more of your stakes returned as winning payouts over the long term is by you play those games with the highest payout percentages and those casino card and table games which have the lowest house edges.

It may be worth you trying out some different games other than the usual ones you tend to play more often as you may find much higher paying game son offer. Also be parped to learn how to play games such as online Blackjack games and online Video Poker games optimally, for by learning how to play those games perfectly you will naturally then increase your overall winning chances.

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