Conscious Gaming Launches ‘Bettor Safe Than Sorry’

The Bettor Safe campaign raises awareness about the issues revolving around illegal betting websites. The main objective is to help consumers who frequent gambling websites to differentiate between legal and illegal betting sites. The campaign was put into motion by Conscious Gambling.

Who is Conscious Gaming?

Conscious Gaming is an independent non-profit that is compelled by protecting the consumer. Conscious Gaming was established by GeoComply, whose objective is to use the technology available today and create an era of social responsibility. They are working with every from gaming operators to treatment professionals to ensure the consumers' protection and responsible gaming.

The company is taking a multi-channel approach; the campaign will spread awareness through advertisements, videos, informational websites, and state-specific resources. Two states, in particular, will accompany the campaign, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Bettor Safe is hoping that other states will join in the fight to spread awareness. The Bettor Safe initiative is to protect consumer's safety by educating people about the risk of unregulated online betting.

How to Recognize the Difference between Legal and Illegal Betting Sites?

Here are some main things to look out for, to ensure you are picking a regulated and secure online casino site:

  1. SSL Certification on the site: Only bet on sites with an "S" in the URL; that is how you know if a site is secure. If the URL appears like this "HTTPS," then it is okay, but if the URL reads "HTTP," you are not on a secure site. The "S" means that site Secure Socket Layers Certified. Check to see if the site brandishes the name or logo of the State gaming regulatory body.
  2. Lack off amenities: If the site does not offer services such as deposit limits, time limits, cooling-off periods, and self-exclusion, then it probably is an unregulated website.
  3. Cryptocurrency: If the site offers to pay out winnings in Cryptocurrency than it is an illegal and unregulated website.

And its safe to say, that if the site you are on offers Cryptocurrency as a form of payment, does not have tools like deposit limits and does not display an "S" in the URL, than you are on an unregulated and insecure site - look elsewhere!

The Risks of Using Unregulated Gaming Sites

If a person uses an illegal site to place bets, they have NO legal protection to safeguard their wages. The use of unlawful betting sites puts the user at a greater risk of having their identities and even their financial information. When a person enters sensitive information into a banned site, they are simply gambling on if their data gets stolen or not. There is no government oversight or legal recourse if a person does fall prey to identity theft. Furthermore, there is no guarantee the site hasn't made it impossible to win or if they will even payout. Most of these Illicit gambling sites are fronts for criminal activity like money laundering.

The Benefits of Using Reputable Gaming Sites

Choosing to place bets on legally regulated sites safeguards all of the player's information, making it a lot less likely to be preyed upon and have anything stolen. The player wins, there is guaranteed payment. Using legally regulated sites, a player supports local services for the community and industries instead of funding illegal activities.

At, we place our readers safety and security as a priority. We are proud to help spread awareness and support this great cause.

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