What Does Insurance Mean in Blackjack?

What makes blackjack the most popular casino card game is the fact that it comes in different shapes and sizes. Each instance of blackjack is slightly different, and the difference is mainly visible in side bets that you can make. However, one side bet stands out as the most popular, and it’s called a blackjack insurance bet.

So, what is insurance in blackjack? Technically speaking, it’s a type of bet that ensures you’ll get your money back in a specific situation — when the dealer has the blackjack. In that case, if you place an insurance bet, you’ll win a prize that will basically give your bet back, and you’ll break even.

Let’s take a closer look at the insurance rules and how it works. 

Blackjack Insurance Rules

The rules are rather simple. Before every round, a player is offered to place a small amount of money as a side bet.

Like all other side bets in blackjack, the insurance blackjack bet works independently compared to the main game. The rules are rather simple: you make a fixed bet and get paid twice as much if the conditions are met. The requirements are that the dealer needs to have a blackjack and beat the player. Therefore, if you win in the round, you will make a profit, but if you lose, you’ll break even.

How Does Insurance Work in Blackjack?

Here’s a quick overview of all the steps that you need to take to place the insurance bet.

  1. Place a standard bet.
  2. Let the dealers give you the two initial cards and place cards in front of them (including the face-up card).
  3. If the face-up card is an ace, you can place an insurance bet.
  4. If the other card happens to be a 10-value card, you lose the hand but win the blackjack insurance bet.
  5. If the other card isn’t a 10-value card, you win the hand and make a profit.

That’s pretty much all you have to know about the insurance bet. The real question here is: is it worth it?

Final Thoughts: Should You Use the Insurance Bet in Blackjack?

The insurance bet in online blackjack is designed in such a way to make you feel like you’re insuring yourself against a loss, but it’s actually a little bit different. If you take a look at the odds, the insurance bet is only increasing the house edge, provided you’re sticking to a suitable blackjack strategy chart. Because of that, many professional blackjack players advise against placing an insurance bet. Instead, you should focus on using the strategy to minimize the house edge.

Does that mean you should never place an insurance bet? Well, if you feel like it, you can do it from time to time, but don’t rely on it as a way to save money, as it’s definitely not that. Some people simply like placing side bets for the additional thrill, and if you’re one of them, you can check other available side bets in blackjack.

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