No Worries vs. No Worries Multi Player Slot

no-worries-mp-slotYou really are going to find our Comparing Slot Games articles quite informative and hopefully they will allow you to choose which slot games that make up a series of slots that are the most playable ones.

In this comparison type of playing guide we have chosen to compare the original Mark I version of the No Worries slot which is a Microgaming designed slot game with the more recently launched Multi Player No Worries slot game. Both games do share a very similar if not identical theme but everything else about the slots are different and you may find yourself being attracted to playing one of them over the other.

Comparing Paylines and Stake Options

There are plenty of unique features on both of the No Worries slot variants, however it is worth noting that the Multi Player variant gives you a maximum of 20 paylines that can be set into play on various stake level options and the original single player version offers just 9 optional paylines.

As far as actual coin value settings go then you are going to find more of them on the Mark I version of this slot as it lets you put into play spins costing up to 22.50 and the multi player versions’ maximum bet per spin is one single coin on each payline which result in players playing on 0.05 coin settings playing for 1.00 per spin.

This means if you want to play a No Worries slot game offering the maximum flexibility then you will need to play the original single player game as opposed to the multi player version.

Most Flexible Stake and Payline Options: No Worries Slot.

Comparing Bonus Game Features

Spinning in a Scatter symbol on each of the five reels of the original No Worries slot game will award you with up to 20 free spins and as they are playing out you can spin in additional Multiplier symbols which can get as high as x8 during your allocated number of free spins.

Once you have played off your free spins this slot gives you one of three different options, you can choose to collect your winnings accumulated during the free spins, take your free spins again in the hope you win more cash the second time of playing them off or you can choose to gamble your accumulated winnings during the free spins bonus round by being awarded with a randomly amount of cash.

The Multi Player slot game will award its bonus game once an onscreen timer reaches zero, so you will be awarded with it regularly when playing this slot for any amount of time, however the only thing this slot games bonus feature will award you with is a share of or the entire mini progressive jackpot attached to the bonus game, however the jackpot rarely grows to large amounts due to it being won every few minutes or so.

Most Entertaining Bonus and Base Game Features: No Worries Slot.

Payouts and Winning Potential

The multi player version of the No Worries slot has a much bigger base game jackpot than the original version and as such when playing it online should five of the logo symbols spin in on any of your paylines that have been put into play 10,000 coins will be awarded to you as the jackpot payout.

However, it is worth remembering that the multi player version only permits you to put into play one coin per line and opposed to the original version that comes with the option of playing more than one coin per payline, and as such when playing more than one coin per line on the original version the 5000 coin base game jackpot can be increased in value.

The bonus games offered on both of these two slots do vary and as such when playing the multi player version you are only going to be playing for the modestly sized progressive jackpot that is awarded every few minutes whilst on the original variant you will be playing for a set of free spins.

What makes the No Worries Mark I slot much more appealing is that even if your free spins do not end up paying a large amount of cash you are then given the option of replaying them all off or can opt for a randomly awarded cash amount.

Due to the winning potential offered on both of these two No Worries slot games we think you are going to get a much better game play when opting for the first slot in the series and as such maybe the multi player version is one you should play less often, for the progressive jackpot won via the bonus game is not going to rise that quickly if only a handful of other players are playing the slot at the same time as you are.

Slot Offering the Highest Winning Potential: No Worries Slot.

Slot Comparison Conclusion

The one major problem that Microgaming’s multi player slot games have is that some of these types of games do not get the number of players that ensure the bonus game payouts are worth playing for, the No Worries multi player slot does require a lot of players to be online and playing it at any one time to ensure the progressive bonus game jackpot payout is worth winning, and sadly that is not always the case.

So if you want by far and away what we think is going to be the most enjoyable type of playing experience when playing the No Worries slot games series of slots then stick to playing Microgaming’s original version of the game, for not only is its payout percentage a high one, the bonus game can and will award some high valued winning payouts, irrespective of how many players are playing the slot when you choose to give it a whirl.

One final thing to keep in mind is that you cannot try out the multi player No Worries slot via a free to play version unlike the original version of this slot as the multi player game is only available to play in the real money mode.

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