November’s Mobile Casino News Updates

Microgaming never take very long in regards to adding casino games to their multiple different gaming platforms, and as their new set of gaming platforms, that being their mobile gaming platforms are proving to be very popular with players then it is only to be expected that they have been launching more and more games recently to those gaming platforms.

New Web Browser Mobile Games

If you have one of the more modern mobile devices then on that device you are likely to find one of several different web browsers which are of course how you surf the web. However, when you are playing at an online casino site you will have the option of using your web browser as the way to access those games offered at the site you are playing at via instant play casino games.

Well this is exactly what you are able to do when you choose to play at any of our listed and top rated mobile casino sites, for they all have a range of instant play games which require no downloading of software and without the need for you to download an App onto your mobile device and as such may be appealing to you if your mobile is already quite full of other Apps and you shortage capabilities on your mobile device are becoming somewhat limited.

What you will find if you make the decision of playing at one of our Microgaming software powered mobile casino sites is that they offer a range of brand New Mobile Web Exclusive Instant Play Casino Games, these games are new to the mobile gaming environment however you are only going to be able to access and play these new web browser games via your mobile web browser as they are not available on Microgaming’s download casino App all casinos that use their range of games has available.

New Casino App Games from Microgaming

If you love playing casinos games which have been designed and released by Microgaming and prefer playing those games on an App then make sure you have a look over our section of the website that is going to introduce you to all of the New Casino App Games from Microgaming as that is where you will find an overview of all of their most recent mobile games.

Remember that it is currently the case that the new games that Microgaming do launch are the exact same ones as they have available via their online gaming platforms, and as such if you are familiar with those gaming platforms you will know just how high paying and entertaining to play all of Microgaming’s many hundreds of online casino games are and slowly but surely those online casino games are making their way onto the Casino Apps that are available at all Microgaming powered mobile casino sites.

New Mobile Slot Play Guides

We are always adding lots of casino game playing guides to this website and we really do think it will be worth your time having a look around our articles, game guides and news and information sections of this website for you will find you will become a much more informed and educated player when you do.

By knowing how different yet similar games compare due to things such as their house edges, payouts and game play payout percentages you will soon master the art of locating and spotting games offering much more winning chances.

We have recently chosen to add a couple of brand new mobile casino game related articles tour ever expanding website and one of them you may find interesting is our guide on Comparing Mobile Progressive Slot to Online Progressive Slots.

You will of course come across both online and mobile slot games on which you can win one or more progressive jackpots, if of course you are very lucky, and in that article we take a look at all of the progressive slots offered at one of our highly regarded casino software and casino game supply companies, and will also answer many questions that you may have regarding playing progressive jackpot awarding slots in the mobile gaming environment as opposed to play them at an online casino site.

Cost Effective Mobile Slot Games

In this day and age no one has an unlimited amount of cash to play slot games whether via their mobile device or at an online or land based casino, and with many players quite noticeably reducing their gambling budgets this has spawned a new breed of slot player who is always going to be on the lookout for very low stake yet cost effective slot games to play.

With this in mind another mobile slot game playing guide that we have just completed and added to this website is our Guide to Mobile All Ways Slots, that guide is going to enlighten you on just which types of All Ways slot are now available online and will give you an overview of the unique features each one of them have on offer.

The obvious benefit of playing an All Ways structured slot game online or on any mobile device is that you can play a massive number of paylines which are more commonly known as ways to win but are not forced to have to place a stake on each paylines sent into live play, instead you simply stake a small set number of coins on each spin, which can be as low as 0.25 coins and in exchange for that low stake amount you will have 243 ways to win per spin.

You will also find that all of the new mobile All Ways structured slots come with a set of unique bonus game features some of which can be randomly awarded to you and some of which need you to spin in bonus or scatter symbols to get to play them off, and as such these slots also offer some highly entertaining and very exciting slot playing session to all players who give them a whirl.

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