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onlinebingoYou may have an opinion about bingo and instinctively think that it is not for you. Bingo played in traditional bingo halls or community centers may be associated with elderly women but this is not the case for online bingo. There is a new wave of bingo players in the online bingo community and this is helping to change the opinion about the game.

Another thing that is helping to change the game with respect to online bingo is that there are real money prizes available for very low risk. A number of online bingo sites are able to host weekly, monthly or even nightly bingo events where there are regularly upwards of £20,000 on offer. Given that online bingo is a game of luck, there is a genuine chance for every player to stand a chance of huge success, which is seeing an increasing number of players take part in online bingo for real money.

Playing strategy focused poker or casino games can place a strain on players so having the chance to unwind yet still play for real money is an attractive option for many people. There will be genuine bingo fans that love the game and are excited to be able to play bingo games from the comfort of their own home. However, there will also be online casino players who are keen to play games that can offer them money. Taking into account many games like slots are reliant on luck, there is no real difference to playing them or playing bingo in the hope of winning money.

When it comes to online bingo for real money, there are a number of solid online bingo sites a player has to consider. It is only natural that the big name bingo companies are the first choice for many bingo players. After all, names like 888 Bingo or Bet365 Bingo are synonymous with the game and people will draw a natural connection. This in turn then means that these sites welcome a lot of players and have the opportunity to offer bigger prize pools, which attracts more players and a positive cycle for the site begins.

For players in the United States, they can sign up at many casinos and play a game titled “Bonus Bingo” which plays very similar to actual bingo but looks similar to a table game. Bonus Bingo can be found in the specialty games section of online casinos. For players that reside in the UK and other countries, many large casinos like 888 and Bet365 have special bingo clients that allow people to play bingo with the same balance as the casino.

There also plenty of online gaming sites offering a bingo element too. The major sports betting and casino sites are providing a bingo element that can be played from the same online account. An example would be a player being able to make bets on Bet365, play casino games from Bet365 Casino and enjoy bingo games on Bet365 Bingo. This provides simplicity for the player and there are many people who enjoy playing bingo as a light break from their standard play.

Also, please read more in-depth information about UK bingo games and the most popular sites in Europe.

Bingo Strategy

There are different strategies on betting when it comes to play bingo games online. When you have a chance, read our article on Bingo Strategy and learn why we want you to play more cards but in less bingo games.

How To Play Bingo

There are three main types of bingo games available: 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball. In the UK, 90 ball bingo is the standard but in the US, 75 ball bingo is the favored game. The different ball counts have different boards and possibilities to win.

Online Bonus Bingo Table

Read our article for more information on how to play bingo and be a winner playing bingo online for real money.

Best Bingo Site Breakdown

We have listed the best bingo sites available for players across the globe:

Cyber Bingo: Best Bingo Site

Cyber Bingo understands the importance of online bingo and they provide all kinds of bingo games to all of their players. There is a lot to be said for the excitement and drama when the bingo balls drop and you are waiting on one or two numbers. Cyber Bingo is also fully available for mobile and tablets.

This is surely one of the best bingo sites for USA players, with a 500% deposit bonus.

 Bingo SKY

Anyone looking for an online casino site that provides an extensive array of casino games will appreciate what BingoSKY has to offer. There are plenty of different casino games on offer and there are plenty of specialty casino games to go alongside the more traditional bingo games.

Industry competition leads to bingo promotions

As you would expect, the interest in the online bingo community has led to new firms setting up an online presence as well and this means that there is a great deal of competition in the online bingo industry. In a competitive market, players should be the people that receive the benefit and there are plenty of strong welcome and redeposit bonuses on offer from many different online bingo sites.

Having a bigger bankroll is as important for online bingo success as it is for success for online gaming sites. This is why finding strong bonuses and promotions ensure players get to play more, giving them increased opportunities to play online bingo for real money.

Some online gamers may be of the opinion that bingo is at the lighter end of the online gaming spectrum. In reality, very few people in the bingo community would argue with this and in fact, they would agree and promote themselves on this aspect. Having the chance to play online bingo for real money provides players with the chance to play for real cash in an environment that is less stressful than many online casino or poker rooms.

Bingo may still hold a reputation for being a game that is played by elderly ladies but that has all changed in recent years. The emergence of online bingo has created a new wave of bingo players and many casino sites aim to cash in on the popularity of the game. Bingo is one of the simplest games you can hope to play and in its online format, it is even simpler.

All you have to do is sit back and wait for the balls to drop but as your bingo card starts to fill up, you will be drawn into the excitement and drama of the game. Any bingo player that has been left waiting on one or two numbers for a full house will know the anguish that they feel when someone else completes their card first. As far as tension goes, there are few games that can match bingo.

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