Online Blackjack Game Variants from NetEnt

You are not going to ouseave as large a range of Blackjack games made available to you when playing at a NetEnt casino site as you would do if for example you opted to play at a Playtech or Microgaming powered online casino site, however the three Blackjack games and one Pontoon game that are available do boast some not so high house edges so they may appeal to you.

There are however some differences in regards to playing online Blackjack or Pontoon games as opposed to when you play those casino card games in a land based casino that you need to be aware of and the main difference is that the deck of cards will be shuffled before a new hand gets dealt out.

This means that unlike in land based casinos where you are above to count cards, you are not going to have any advantage of doing so when playing at any NetEnt Casinos, due to the continuous shuffle performed before new hands are dealt out to you.

You will however find that the actual stake levels at which you can play any of the following card games at NetEnt powered sites are often much more wide spread than when you play at a land based casino site and as such you will find low stake options offered whilst still being able to play for quite high rolling stake amounts if you prefer playing that way.

So with that in mind let us now run through each of NetEnt’s currently available range of Blackjack games, below we have listed each variant offered along with their Pontoon game and alongside each of them you will find an overview of the game play rules and the house edge that you will be up against when playing each game with perfect strategy.

NetEnt Standard Blackjack Game – Your best chance of winning when playing Blackjack games at any NetEnt powered casino site is going to be down to the variant you choose to play and whether you play the lowest house edge variant with perfect playing strategy.

With that in mind the variant you should opt to play is the Standard Blackjack game all NetEnt casinos have available, for with optimal play you can get the house edge down to just 0.40% which is lower than any other variants house edge they have available.

If you are wondering how this game is structured is it a 4 deck game and has a straight forward set of player and dealer rules, which should not take you very long to master and get used to playing, just make sure that you do put into play perfect playing strategy for playing hands in any other way than perfect strategy is going to increase the house edge which is something you will never want to happen to you when playing it online.

Pontoon Game – Pontoon is often sadly a casino card game players will overlook, even though it was at one time one of the most played card games. The variant you are going to be able to access and play at any NetEnt powered sites has a wide range of stake options and has been designed to return an expected house edge of 0.41%.

But much like every other casino card game listed on this guide the only way that you are going to be able to ensure that the low house edge this game offers is the one you will be playing against is by playing every hand dealt out to you he most optimal way, so much like the Blackjack game mentioned above and those listed below make sure you learn how to play Pontoon perfectly before giving this game any amount of real money action.

NetEnt Single Deck Blackjack Game – You are not going to be able to locate that many single hand Blackjack game variants when playing at some online casino sites, for these games are quite rare. However, if you make the decision of playing at any online casino site that is powered by NetEnt software you are going to come across a Single Deck Blackjack game variant which whilst not the lowest Blackjack game available at those sites is one you may enjoy playing.

The game does of course have just one single deck of 52 playing cards in the shoe which get fully shuffled before any new hand is dealt out, and the house edge this game has been set to achieve over the long term by optimal strategy players is quite modest working out at some 0.48%.

NetEnt Double Exposure – The final NetEnt Blackjack game that we are aware many first time online Blackjack players seem to be attracted to playing is the Double Exposure Blackjack game, and the reasons novice players are often tempted to give it a try is that when playing it the Dealer play rules stipulate that all of the Dealers cards have to be dealt facing upwards.

This means that players know just what cards the Dealer is holding and can then choose whether to split, hit or stand their hands accordingly! However, that unusual and unique playing rule does mean that when you play this variant online you have to make some compromises and one of those is that even with the best playing strategy put into play will see this game offering a house edge of 0.64%.

The simple fact alone means that as you will always have a choice of just which Blackjack game you can play at NetEnt casinos, then it is not the first second or even third game that should be topping the list of card games you ought to be playing, and as such you should stick to playing the Standard Blackjack game when logged into any NetEnt sites, for the house edge on that variant is much lower and that means you will see more of your stakes returned to you as winning payouts over your long term playing sessions.

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