Online Casino Bonuses to Avoid

Instead of pointing you towards the best valued casino bonuses, in this casino bonus guide we are going to take a look at what makes a casino bonus offer a poor valued one or one that you should never be in any rush to accept.

Not ever casino bonus you come across online is going to be one worth taking, and the sooner you discover the finer points of what makes a bonus one worth taking, or not as the case may be, the more chances you will have of actually reaching in a point in any gaming session when you can cash out your winnings made with such a bonus offer.

Size of the Bonus – The first thing that is going to initially grab your attention when you see a casino bonus being offered will of course be the size of that bonus. All deposit bonuses you will come across will be presented as a percentage.

You will also find that there will be a required amount of cash you need to deposit into your casino account to claim such a bonus. New player bonuses are often the most generous and you will find the deposit match bonuses are the ones most often made available to first time real money players at most online casino sites.

However, reload bonuses which are simply deposit match bonuses can and will be offered to you at some casino sites and these bonuses are simply deposit match bonuses which you can claim if you have already claimed an initial welcome bonus offer.

You should avoid claiming any deposit match bonus which is going to offer you a bonus worth less than 100% of your deposited amount. You will often find you get offered a bonus worth 10% or 25% of your deposited amount and by claiming such a bonus you are then going to lock your deposit into a set of bonus play through requirements.

High Play-Through Requirements – Any type of casino deposit match bonus which includes any and all reload type bonuses will also come with a set of play through requirements. This aspect of any bonus offer will require you to play through your bonuses and often your deposited amount a certain number of times before you can cash out any winnings achieved with the bonus.

The play through requirements coupled with the actual value of the bonus will determine if any bonus is a poor valued one. As mentioned above you should avoid claiming any bonus worth less that 100% of your actual deposited amount, and in regards to what play through requirements you should be looking to avoid then this is down to the type of casino game you intend to play with that bonus.

We have dedicated a section of our website which will enlighten you on the Best Valued Bonus Play Through Requirements and as such we would suggest you give it a read through as by doing so you will find a listing of many different types of casino games worth playing with a bonus based on the play through requirements attached to a deposit match bonus.

Maximum Cash-Out Limits – Many online casinos will say that they give away casino bonuses to allow their players to get longer playing sessions thanks to the additional bonus credits they are awarded with once they have deposited and claimed any type of bonus.

However, any savvy online casino game player will be more interested in actually increasing their bankroll and winning chances by claiming any such bonus in the hope they reach a point where they win and cash out more than they deposited.

With that in mind whilst you may appreciate the extra play time you will get once you have claimed a bonus offer, do be aware that more and more bonuses being offered to players at some online casino sites will have rules attached to them that could result in you never having the chance of winning that once in a life time jackpot win.

These rules are known collectively as maximum cash out limit rules, and will be listed somewhere in the bonus terms and conditions and will state that you are only ever going to be able to win and cash out a certain percentage of your deposited amount or will have any withdrawals capped at a certain amount should you claim a bonus and then win with one of them.

So to ensure you never run the risk of winning a huge jackpot or having a very profitable online casino game playing bonus play session on which you accumulate a large account balance through a series of winning outcomes and never have the amount you can cash out limited, always avoid any bonus with any type of maximum cash out limit attached to it.

Imagine if you are lucky enough to win let’s say 5000.00 when playing with a bonus in your account, and you manage to complete and exceed the play through requirements, think how you would feel if you then went onto withdraw your winnings and found you could only withdrawal 500.00 of those winnings with the remainder being voided by the casino.

That is what you will run the risk of doing if you ever claim any type of bonus which has any maximum cash out limit rules attached to them, so always check and double check all of the bonus rules and bonus terms and conditions to ensure you are not going to have any bonus play winnings capped.

Redeeming Comp Points – One final aspect of playing online casino games for real money that you need to be aware of is that when doing so at virtually all online casinos you are going to be awarded comp and loyalty points on every real money wager you place.

These points will be accumulated in a set aside comp club account which you can usually access at any time and once you have earned enough of these points you can then redeem them for additional credits. Avoid playing at casinos that will treat your comped credits as bonus funds and will require you to meet play through requirements when playing with them before you can cash anything out.

You will find plenty of casinos will treat all credits redeemed via their respective comp club as cash funds meaning you can then cash them out at any time without having to adhere to any play through requirements.

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