Online Casino Games with Bonus Side Bet Options

video-pokerYou will often come across several games when logged into some online casino which will either force you to place an obligatory side bet wager or will give you the optional of placing such a wager to give you a chance of being awarded range of bonus payouts or even one or more bonus games or bonus features.

Below we have compiled an overview of the many different games which offer such an additional wagering opportunity and will enlighten you on whether these bets are worth placing by taking a look at just what you stand to win should you place such a wager.

Casino Poker Games

There are several different Casino Poker Games offering Bonus Bets, and when placing such a wager on any of these types of games you will often unlock a special additional pay table on which a range of bonus payouts, one of which could be a progressive jackpot. These additional winning payouts are often awarded irrespective of whether the Dealer’s hand qualifies and as such they offer good value and will certainly increase your winning chances.

Blackjack Games

You will find several Blackjack Side Bets are offered on quite a number of different Blackjack game variants. Much like casino poker games listed above the bets attached to these card games offer a range of bonus payouts as soon as you are dealt unique hand combinations.

One casino software company who have designed and launched a large range of Blackjack games offering an optional side bet option is Microgaming, and their European Blackjack Side Bet Options may interest a lot of players as there are several uniquely structured pay tables that will kick into play when you have placed such a wager and then are dealt certain hands.

Video Poker Games

There are not that many Video Poker games with a bonus bet option, however there are a range of Progressive Video Poker Games that you can play online which have a fixed coin playing structure. These games could award you with a huge progressive jackpot when you play maximum coin hands and then get dealt the one unique hand combination attached to the progressive jackpot.

Roulette Games

One casino game designer who has plenty of different Roulette games offering you the ability to place side bets on those games is IGT Interactive. The games they have designed with these additional wagering options are European Roulette games, and as such the base game house edge is just 2.70%, however the house edge on the bonus side bets is much larger, and as such these games can be poor valued games to play when you place those side bets.

If you are interested in learning more about Roulette Games with Side Bets, then have a look through our guide on those currently available, but never forget the increased house edge you will be up against should you decide to play these games and place those bonus and side bets.

Slot Games with Bonus Bet Options

When logged into Microgaming powered casinos, you will find plenty of slots on which you can place a special side bet, and by doing so a range of bonus games and/or bonus features could be triggered or awarded as you play these slots after having placed the special bonus bet.

Below you will find an overview and link to two of our recent slot playing guides which will enlighten you on what is offered on a range of slots offering such a bonus bet option. However, do be aware that you will come across quite a number of real money slots online which offer Microgaming’s Single Reel Respin Slot Feature, and these slot games come with a very unique way of playing them, whereby you can opt to spin just one reel instead of all five of them.

Golden Goose Slot Series – One of the very first series of slots that Microgaming launched which came with a bonus bet option was their range of Golden Goosed themed slots. You can place a side bet alongside your base game staked amount when playing these slots, and by doing so four unique bonus games could be awarded to you at random at the end of the base game spin.

Power Spins Slot Series – There are several slots designed by Microgaming that make up their Power Spins slot series. These slots can be played as standard, non bonus game awarding slots and may appeal to players who enjoy quick playing slots designed around a five reel structure.

However, if you do decide to place the side bets offered on these Power Spins slots, and those wagers are completely optional so you are under no obligation to place them, then a range of bonus playing structures will be put into play and that could see you being awarded all manner of additional winning payouts as each spin is playing off.

Some eagle eyed slot players will soon realise that one of the Power Spins slots offered will let you play the slot with an Each Way playing structure when placing an additional side bet, and this will see winning combinations being formed not only from left to right on the screen but also right to left.

Microgaming do have a range of slots which are structured in this Both Ways playing structure as standard and as such it may be advisable for you to play those slots instead of the Power Spins slot as you are not going to have to pay an additional bonus bet to take advantage of that unique playing structure.

You need to decide when playing any slot game that offers you the ability of placing any type of bonus bet option whether it is going to actually increase your chances of placing such a wager. It has to be noted that most slots that do offer a bonus bet will not give you an increase payout percentage for placing such a wager, instead you will possibly get a more exciting type of playing session due solely to the additional bonus games and bonus features that could trigger and be awarded to you.

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