Online Casino Games

The explosion in online casino sites has opened up the exciting world of casino games to everyone. Long gone are the days when the best casino action is reserved for only the high rollers.

Thanks to the revolution in online casino games, you don’t need to be a member of an exclusive VIP club to get in on the thrill of the slots and tables.

When exploring the world of online casino possibilities, it’s good to know all the different types of games that are available to play. In this super simple guide we will run you through the many table, slot and other variations of games which you can enjoy at any decent online casino.

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Table Games

Live casino

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside bricks and mortar casino you’ll have seen players excitedly grouped around gaming tables. For many people, table games are the essence of playing at a casino.

The great news is that they have transitioned over the online casino world thanks to the latest technology which powers them behind the scenes.

Let us take a look at all of the table games available to play in a bit more detail.



During the game, cards are dealt out to both players and the dealer. The aim of both player and dealer is to get a hand with a total as close as possible to 9 without exceeding that number.

The value of the cards goes as two through to nine are worth their face value. Then the tens, jacks, queens, and kings have no point value and aces are worth one point. If the player or dealer is dealt a 9 in the first hand, that is an automatic win known as a ‘natural’.

This makes an ideal online casino table game as all the maths and trickly calculations are done for you on the screen. That just leaves you to place your bets and focus on beating the banker.



Poker really kickstarted the whole online casino industry in the early days of the internet. Online sites dedicated to poker became massively popular very quickly and spawned world championships which created overnight millionaires.

Today there are still many dedicated poker playing sites where players can join in pretty much 24 hours a day to compete with others around the globe.

If you don’t fancy going head to head with real players then you can always polish your poker skills against some computer opponents. Most online casinos will have a selection of video poker games available to enjoy. If you are an avid poker player and want to read up more useful and interesting info, visit our poker manual.



It’s time to stick or twist with this classic table game. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the game which makes it popular the world over. With the online casino version, more players than ever have access to some high stakes Blackjack.

You can find some slight variations and themes on the classic game format and rules but they all work pretty much the same. Table limits should be clearly displayed on the screen along with the card shoe and all the dealt cards.

You’ll have the main buttons to double, hit, stand or split when it’s your turn, giving you complete control over your side of the game. Playing online means that the stakes, card totals and winnings are all calculated automatically for you in real-time. Read up more about BlackJack.



The glamour of Las Vegas can come to life on your desktop or mobile device with a spin of the Roulette wheel. Thanks to innovations in online casino technology and graphics, it can feel like you are sipping on a whisky whilst perched on your stool beside the Roulette table.

There are lots of different themes and styles out there right now but at the core, online Roulette plays in the same way as the bricks and mortar casino version we all know and love.

If you prefer the American version with 38 pockets or the European variant with 37 pockets, you can easily find the right game for you at most online casinos. That’s just another advantage of online casinos, you don’t need to fly thousands of mile to play a different version of the same game. More about this game can be found with our online roulette manual.

Live Casino Games

Live casino

If you want to play any casino table games then it’s easy to load up a video version and jump in. However, all of the classic table games above and many others can be also be enjoyed live at an online casino.

One of the many amazing innovations to come from online casinos is the ability to play alongside others in real-time with live casino games. Human dealers and hosts will welcome you in and keep you entertained as you wager, spin and twist away.

This means you can get a true casino experience wherever you are, even from the comfort of your own home.

Other Games

Table games are just the start of your online casino experience. There’s plenty more to choose from at any online casino worth playing at.

Here are just a few examples:



Casino games don’t come much more basic than this. The classic game of Keno simply involves selecting up to 20 numbers from a grid of up to 80.

Once the numbers and drawn out, the more numbers that you land, the more you could win. It’s such a basic idea that it works really well as an online casino game which anyone can play.

You might find variations with different size grids, bets and bonuses but the core game always plays in the same simple way. Read more about Keno.




Everyone’s favourite ball based game is enjoying a massive revival thanks to the world of online casinos.

Bingo is a feature at many casino sites and there is a whole host of dedicated platforms where you can play bingo at any time of the day or night.

The popularity of bingo online is mostly thanks to the simplicity of the game, with no complex rules to learn anyone can just jump in and play. Combine this with the fact that you can play from just a few pence per card and it’s easy to see why people love it so much. Bingo is particularly popular in the UK where it has evolved from a fun seaside game into a national pastime. Find out more about online bingo by visiting this page.



This exciting dice game is always a crowd-pleaser in brick and mortar casinos because everyone loves watching the dice hit the end wall and then drop to reveal their numbers

The same effect is delivered with maximum impact in the online version which means players can indulge in some craps actions any time they choose.

Online casino games are changing

Many of the games we still play today have century-old roots, some of which origins go back as early as renaissance Italy where the wealthy Florentines particularly enjoyed gambling with a propensity towards games of chance. Besides the Italians (who can be credited with inventing Baccarat), the French were also keen at gambling. They too invented many card games, some of which are still popular today in France. But the origins of cards go as far back as the ancient Egyptians and cards are believed to have been brought to Europe sometimes in the 1400s.

The earliest games

Some games, such as dice, have their roots far earlier that the renaissance – dice are believed to have originated around 2500 BC. Given our historical track record in gambling it is no surprise that even today, games keep evolving and new games or variations of games are constantly being created.

Games keep changing

New games create buzz, people love to try new variations of their favourite games and casinos love being able to offer them.

Here are some of the games you might not have heard much about:

Triple Zero Roulette: we’ve all heard of European roulette and American Roulette but triple zero roulette is indeed quite a recent thing. Essentially European roulette has numbers 0-36 on its wheel [which means a total of 37 slots on the wheel] and American roulette has an extra slot created, a double 0, which means the wheel has 38 slots. With triple 0 roulette a 3rd slot is added which is usually marked on the wheel as 000. With triple Zero the house edge is higher than with American and European roulette. It is an interesting variation, indeed enticing for the more daring players.

Other games you might be interested in

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