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facebookWith there being hundreds of millions of people spread all over the world who have a Facebook account, you are going to find many online casino sites also have a Facebook account and will use it to both acquire new players to their respective sites and also ensure players who have a casino listed as one of their friends of Facebook are always kept in the loop in regards to what that casino has on offer.

In fact you can often find yourself being offered lots of Facebook user exclusive bonus offers and whilst that may appeal to some people there are others who would prefer not to be showered with such promotional deals when they are logged into Facebook. With that in mind below you will find an overview of the pros and the cons of befriending an online casino sites on Facebook, so give it a read through.

Bonuses Available to Facebook Users

If you do not mind using your Facebook account to discover just what an online casino site or any form of online gambling sites have on offer then you should send friend requests to as many Facebook users that are part of a casino site, as you will find you are then always going to be able to read their latest posts and messages to find out what is happening at those sites.

However, do be aware all online casinos that do use Facebook will be doing so to build up loyalty for their site and will also be looking for unique ways to acquire more new players to that site, and as such you will always find some form of bonuses are being offered to you by those sites.

With that in mind below are a few of the unique ways that many online casino sites will use Facebook as a way of getting you to make a deposit into their site or will reward you for helping them get a few additional players.

Refer a Friend Bonus – You will find plenty of bonuses are going to be offered to not only you but all of your Facebook friends from any casino site you have listed as one of your Facebook friends, and one commonly given away type of bonus is a refer a friend bonus. When you refer one of you friends to most online casino sites your friend will be able to claim some form of sign up bonus and once that person signs up to that casino and makes a deposit then you will also receive a bonus for referring your friend.

So keep in mind if you have a large number of friends on Facebook and you know lots of them do enjoy the occasional gamble online then those refer a friend bonuses could give you and your friends access to a large amount of bonus funds and extra playing credits.

Bonuses for Likes – Lots of casinos will give away some bonuses or will have some form of special draw for everyone who is listed as one of their Facebook friends simply for liking a post or a picture that a casino loads onto their Facebook account. These types of promotions are very easy to enter and can often see you getting some little freebies simply for liking a post, which let’s face it requires no real effort from you, so do look out for those types of draws and promotional offers.

New Game Bonuses – It can only take a matter of minutes for a Facebook post to become viral and as such as soon as any online casino site launches one or more brand new casino game those sites will want the world to know about them. As such you will always find news and message postings that will keep you fully abreast of all new casino games that have gone live in any online casino site you have listed as a friend on Facebook. So if you do enjoy playing new games keep your eyes peeled for those messages alerting you to brand new casino games.

Pros and Cons of Using Facebook

Let us finally let you know some of the pros and cons of using Facebook, more so if you have lots of online gambling related sites listed as your friends on that social media site. The following overview is of course not exhaustive, but it should give you a good idea of what to expect when using Facebook.

Privacy Issues – Some people are concerned about their privacy when using sites such as Facebook and as such if you could prefer any of your friends on Facebook not to know what you get up to online then you should always avoid adding casino or other general online gambling sites to your list of friends.

Complaints and Feedback – One very handy aspect of Facebook is that you are going to be able to get any problems you may be experiencing at an online casino rectified as quickly as possible. No online casino worth its salt is going to want to see nothing but negative comments about their site posted on Facebook and as such you will find you can use that social media website to get any and all problems you may be experiencing sorted out very quickly, which can only be a good thing.

Exclusive Player Bonuses – The most savvy of online casinos will be using Facebook to build up a lot of player loyalty and if you have one or more casinos listed as a friend you will often find the casinos will be reading through all of your information posted on Facebook and will often tailor some exclusive bonus offers around the information you post.

Take for example a wedding anniversary or the birth of a child, should you be positing pictures of any celebrations or be receiving messages from your Facebook friends congratulating you on such an event then the online casinos you have listed as a friend will see those messages and will often flip you a small free bonus or some other no risk promotional offer.

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