Online Casinos Get Huge Boost In April In New Jersey

If you’re examining the amount of revenue brought in by gaming shows last month, you’re not going to have a good time. The decline was stark in New Jersey, as it fell by nearly 69%. This is a year-over-year record.

But on the bright side and in the good news realm, online casinos are absolutely crushing it right now. Everybody in New Jersey has their attention turned on them and are doing all they can to keep business booming. And boom it has, in a huge way.

Compared with April of 2019, internet gaming netted the casinos $80 million this past April. That is up over 119% from last year. A year ago, that number was down at $36 million, so this gain is wildly significant.

This number stands despite two casinos in New Jersey not reporting any revenue in the past month. There were no updates provided by Harrah’s or Caesars. Through online sites from affiliate Caesars Interactive NJ though, $8.7 million was reported.

Online sports betting also came through solidly last month. On top of the $80 million from online casinos, an additional $2.6 million was tallied from sports betting. Not too shabby.

Not A Surprise

It really wasn’t surprising to see this raging success in the online casinos in New Jersey. People are starting to take a serious interest now that they can gamble, and they’re living their best life in the casino realm on their favorite sites.

The dominance showed in April seems only to be the beginning of the dynamic success. When the reports for May come out in a few weeks, we’ll likely see figures that impress just as the previous month did. The times, they are-a-changing, in a positive way.

Between January and April of 2019, Internet Gaming Win reported $141 million. But in that same frame this year, there was an increase of over 79%. The figure for 2020 sits at $251.9 million. They’re coming through big.

Sportsbooks have been coming through in a big way too. They brought in $54.5 million last month, with a lot of credit going to ESPN’s addition of the KBO and the iRacing odds from NASCAR. The NFL Draft also pulled in a big chunk.

These figures exist despite the UFC not being present. Thinking about all that has been brought in from that this month, the figures for May are going to be putting smiles on the faces of executives. Combining all of these with the upcoming golf showdown featuring golf and football legends, and big things are ahead.

That’s right. May 24 is the day that the big charity match that is going to dominate sportsbooks is going down. Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady. Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson. Two fantastic rivalries renewed on the green in a team format. The football fans that missed betting on those QBs head-to-heads will feel a big wave of nostalgia.

And just this weekend, soccer was restored in Germany. It is going to be a little tough for the players to be in full form, but those who miss betting on the EuroCup and Premier League do have something to be excited about.

Bringing it back to casinos, the success in April is going to be remembered. And it will likely be used as a benchmark to measure how the next few months will go. If April was this big a hit, then May should be as well.

An increase of 119% from the prior year indicates that things are going to swing positively. Just wait until the figures from May and then June come in. Get into the New Jersey online casino game. It’s a great time. Be part of the movement.

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