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instagramThere is not one social media site that is not being used by a range of online casinos and online gambling sites to help promote their brand, and Instagram is one of many such sites that you are going to find many casinos have an account at and will actively use that account in the hope they can draw in more players to their site.

In fact if you enjoy playing casino games online and are the type of player who enjoys using Instagram to upload all manner of photographs and pictures then please keep on reading through this guide for we will enlighten you on what you will find offered by casinos who also use Instagram, and you may be amazed by what you could claim by way of little extras from such sites.

Bonuses Available to Instagram Users

You will always find that if an online casino site has chosen to use the social media picture sharing website Instagram then that site is always going to be uploading a range of promotions material to that site, however you may also finding them commentating on any pictures that you may have loaded onto that site.

In regards to the type of bonuses and promotional offers you may find being offer to you on Instragram these are as you would expect are large and varied, however some online casinos will also use Instagram for special competitions too. With that in mind keep on reading to find out how these sites will structure those competitions and what bonuses will be made available to you.

Post a Winning Screen Shot – One way that casino have found of giving away little bonuses to their players is to get them to load up winning screenshots of any big wins those players have achieved when playing any casino game offered at those sites, a huge jackpot payout Is always going to be interesting to players and by uploading a winnings screenshot yourself you will occasionally find that the casino you won at will flip you a few free bonus credits.

Seasonal Pictures and Bonuses – Many casinos will also offer some form of competition that will see you having to upload some form of picture related to the time of year and as such expect all manner of deposit match and free slot spins to be awarded to you if you load up a picture at Christmas, over the New Year Festivities or even on Valentines Day.

Instagram Exclusives – To get as many players following them and being kept up to date on what any casino site has on offer you will find plenty of promotional material going live on Instagram, in fact if a casino launched a new site whether that be an additional mobile casino or live casino alongside their established online casino then Instagram will be one way of finding out what extra bonus offers will be available to you by joining up to their new sites.

Pros and Cons of Using Instagram

There are one or two different pros and cons of you opting to use Instagram as a way of you being aware of all that is happening in the online gaming environment, and we shall now take a quick look at some of them.

New Game Launches – All casino sites will be updating their suite of casino game very regularly and as such if you enjoy playing new games such as the very latest slot machines then you will find as soon as those games do go live many casinos will start uploading screen shots and pictures of those games along with pictures of the pay tables and often the bonus games offered on those slots. This is in fact a handy way of learning what any new casino game has on offer without you having to play.

Picture Overload – You will however find that some of the promotions teams at certain online casino sites will became obsessed with using their Instagram account way too much and as such you could become a little overwhelmed with all of the pictures they do load up onto their Instagram account.

As you are always in control of who you follow or whose accounts you can view then if one casino is becoming a little over the top and showering you with images then you are free to block them or simply not visit their account.

Spam Posts – Another slightly annoying factor of using Instagram is that you will often find other casino sites or people promoting online gambling sites will suddenly start posting comments on any pictures that you have loaded up yourself, and that can often annoy you, so always do be aware of this fact as you will not want your general non gambling related picture posts suddenly being spammed with messages from gambling sites.

Birthday Related Promotions – Any online casino that you are a member of is going to give you some form of bonus at certain times of the year and as such you can expect those sites to give you a bonus on your birthday and Instagram is one way of those sites being aware it is your birthday, and as such do lookout for any form of additional bonus offers you will get access to on your big day.

Keeping Your Gambling Private – It is worth remembering that you may not wish everyone you know to be aware that you like the occasional gamble online, and as such you should never be forced or tempted to post screenshots of any large winning payout you have spun in when playing slot games or any other form of winnings screenshots if you do not want the world to know you are an online casino player.

Imagine winning a huge amount of cash only to find that everyone who is following your posts on Instragram are then aware of that win, they may suddenly become interested in you sharing those winnings with them and you could find yourself being swamped with begging letters and the such like.

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