Online Pokies

Pokie machines can be found just about anywhere in parts of Australia and New Zealand. Our friends across the pond call them slots for some reason, but we like to refer to them as pokies. While playing pokies in a bar or pub can be fun, it’s almost impossible to enjoy yourself while there are hundreds of drunk people around you and messing with your concentration. Not to mention trying to find on an open machine to play at . This is why we love playing online pokies.

Online pokies are almost exactly the same as the ones you find in your local watering hole, except you can you can play them anytime, anywhere you want.

Where to Play Online Pokies for Money

If you are unfamiliar with pokies, this article will help you to get to know them a little bit better, In fact, a whole lot better. We will cover everything from how to play them, where to play them and even how to make a deposit and cash out; among other topics.

So let’s jump right in to the good stuff.

How to Play Online Pokies

Playing online pokies is as easy as clicking a few buttons on your mouse and typing a bit of information. No need to be a speed typer either, just a few words per minute is all that is required.

First, you will need to create an account at one of the hundreds of online casinos. Don’t worry though; we’ve picked the best ones for you so there’s no need to do any searching, but well get to that in a second.

Now that you have found an online casino that offers pokies, you will need to create an account. This is done by clicking the “Join Now” or Download Now” button from the home page. This will take you to a screen that lets you fill in all your information that is needed for membership of the casino. Things like-name, date of birth and phone number will be filled in.

Once this process is complete, you will be sent an email with a clickable link that you will need to click on to verify your account. This only takes a minute or so and once done, your account is set up and ready to go.

To actually play an online pokie machine, all you need to do is download the casinos software which is completely free and takes a few minutes to click through the install process. Some casinos may offer a flash version that requires no download or even a mobile application that lets you play on a mobile device with an internet connection.

Regardless of how you get to the pokies, by either downloading it or using one of the other mentioned methods, playing them is all the same.

Find the pokie you want to play and use the on screen buttons to control the game. There will be all the controls you need to play right at the bottom of most pokies. All buttons are easy to read and will be pretty self-explanatory.

Different Types of Pokies

Online and even in a casino or pub, you will find different types of pokies. The most common are your 5 reel pokies that have 5 reels and numerous pay lines. The more pay lines the better is my motto. This gives you more chances to win if the pokie has a bunch of pay lines. You will find anywhere from 3 to over 100 pay lines depending on which pokie you play.

Themed Pokies

Many pokies will come some type of theme that acts as a story line for the game. Many of these themes are generic, yet add some entertainment value.

You will also find a bunch of themes based on movies, comic book characters and other popular casino game characters. For example: You may find an X-Men or Tom Raider pokie or even a Rapunzel pokie. The choices are basically endless and you can find just about any type of pokie to suit your taste.

Classic Pokies

The old style pokies that have your classic fruit or other symbols can be found at many online casinos. These generally have 3 reels or sometimes 5 reels, but don’t have a theme. It’s just click and spin and watch the various symbols go round.

They have made a comeback as of late for some reason and more of them are being added to online casinos on a regular basis.

Where to Play Online Pokies

For most of us in Australia, Spin Palace is our best option to play online pokies. This online casino has been around for a long time and has some of the pokies available on the internet. They offer their pokies on the download version and a flash version.

New players at Spin Palace can get a generous $1,000 bonus just for signing up and making a deposit. You can also get a ton of other bonuses simply by playing your favorite pokies using their VIP system. Players can earn up to $10,000 just for playing online casino games.

Many of the pokies at Spin Palace have progressive jackpots that pay out some massive cash prizes. These progressives have been known to reach upwards of $1 million.

Of course, you also have the option to play pokies on their mobile application. Most mobile devices such as: iPhones, iPads and Android powered devices are available to play pokies at Spin Palace.

Online Pokies for Real Money

You can play pokies for free at most casinos online, but if you’re looking for some real fun and excitement, pokies for real money is where it’s at.

To play online pokies for real money, you will need to deposit into your account. This is pretty simple and painless, but we’ll walk you through the process.

First thing to do is make sure you have verified your identity by sending in any of the necessary documents that the casino may request. Not all casinos do this, but most are starting to. This is a way to protect your identity and verify you are who you say you are.

Now that we know who you really are, we can make a deposit. Do this by navigating to the casinos cashier and selecting one of the deposit methods offered. Many types of payments are accepted, but will differ from each casino. Many of the standard payment methods are accepted at almost all casinos and they are as follows:

  • Bank Transfers
  • Click 2 Pay
  • Click and Buy

Whatever method you choose, just click on it and enter how much money you need to deposit. Once the casino verifies your payment, your money will be credited to your account. This usually only takes a few seconds for most payment methods.

Cashing out is much the same as depositing. You may have slightly fewer options to get your winnings offline, but it works almost the same. You find a withdrawal method works for you and select how much to cash out. Depending on which method you are using, you should get your money in a few days or as little as a few hours.

Playing real money pokies is exactly the same as playing them for fun only this time, you have the chance to win some actual money. The controls work the same and even the game play is the same. You spin the reels, and watch the money pour in.

When you open up the selected pokie you are playing, you will either have your account balance available in the slot screen or you will be asked how much to bring with you. Just enter the amount you want to play with and it’s instantly brought to the game screen.

There’s really not much too playing online pokies for real money. Just click some buttons and watch the reels spin.

Online Pokie Game Designers

As mentioned above the following online Pokie game designers have a vast array of both standard playing and structured Pokie machines on offer along with lots of exclusive and unique Pokie games, and as such do read through this entire guide as we are more than confident you will discover some pokies listed below that you will want to play online.

Microgaming Pokies – One aspect of playing Pokie machines that are offered by online casino sites that utilize the Microgaming gaming platform and their range of casino games is that you are going to find literally hundreds of different Pokie games on offer.

Microgaming have, over the twenty plus years they have been around designed by far and away the largest number of online Pokie games, and as such you are going to be guaranteed of being able to play dozens of different pokies that appeal to you whenever you play at any casino using their software platforms and have their range of games on offer, in fact you may find hundreds of them that appeal to you.

Playtech Pokies – One online Pokie game and casino game supplier who has been around for many years is Playtech, and if you are an avid fan of playing Pokie games and wish to get stuck into playing a truly enormous suite of Pokie games and pokies offering a diverse range of different features then we would strongly advise you checkout the Playtech designed pokies as each of them are highly playable.

What makes Playtech’s range of pokies so highly playable is that they come with a range of different stake options including free play options, but much more importantly than that you will find they all play out with some very large payout percentages attached to them.

The higher the payout percentage attached to any Pokie game you play online then the more winning chances you will have, and with that in mind do take a look over our Playtech Pokie game reviews for some of their pokies have payout percentages in excess of 99%.

NetEnt Pokies – If you wish to play pokies online but you do not want the fuss or hassle of being forced to download an entire casinos suite of games and gaming platform onto your computer, then it will be NetEnt Pokie games you will be interested in playing.

For all NetEnt Pokie games and their range of online casino games have all been designed as no download required games, so you can instantly access them and play them via a web browser without ever having to clog up the storage space on your computer with software.

The number of pokies you can play that have been designed by NetEnt is large and impressive but quite a number of them have been designed as slow variance slots meaning you will get lots of winning combinations spinning in but not that many huge paying winning combinations spinning in.

But if you do want to play high variance slots on which some mega winning payouts can be spun in and awarded to you they do have a handful of those type of Pokie game on offer, so you will always be assured of finding several pokie games that appeal to your playing style and you slot playing budget.

BetSoft Gaming Pokies – The one thing that attracts a lot of online Pokie players to online casino sites that are offering the suite of BetSoft Gaming slot games is that you will find they come with highly advanced graphics and animations, In fact all of the Pokie games offered by this leading game designer have been designed as 3D Pokie machines.

So when playing them you are going to find a very immersive type of gaming experience is on offer, and every single Pokie game in their range is completely unique and not simply a clone of one of their earlier Pokie game releases.

Real Time Gaming Pokies – You are also going to find more than enough Pokie machines offered at any online casino site that uses the range of games on offer by Real Time Gaming. But what makes their suite of Pokie machines highly playable is that a very large proportion of them are what is known as Real Series Pokie games.

When you are playing these Real Series pokies online you will find they come in many different playing structures so you can pick and choose the number of paylines you play and the stakes you play them for, and each of them will award one or more different types of bonus games. However, when playing a Real Series Pokie machine online for any stake amount you can at the end of any one single base game spin suddenly and completely at random win a potentially very large progressive jackpot.

Choosing an Online Casino Software Gaming Platform

You will of course want to play casino games on your computer or laptop in a way that is convenient to yourself, and as such if you are new to play online casino games then you need to be aware that there are several different ways to access those games offered by any of our featured casino sites.

One of the most common ways for players to play casino games online is by those players downloading the entire suite of game offered by a casino site onto their computer, this will then allow players to be able to launch the casino whenever they choose and by accessing the downloadable version of any online casino you are going to have access to the largest range of casino games.

However, if you do not wish to download an entire suite of games onto your computer and would prefer to play games instantly from one or more computers, then it will be worth your while accessing the no download required gaming platforms that all of our top rated Australian player friendly online casinos have on offer.

You access those casino games via a web browser and as such you first need to visit the casinos website and then log into your account and then you can pick and chose any game you wish to play instantly from those on offer. It is worth noting the selection of games accessible via a no download, instant play gaming platform is not going to be as large as those offered by a fully downloadable casino site.

There is a new breed of online casino that offers players the ability to play more than one designers range of casino games via a no download gaming platform, and as such if you do fancy playing a huge suite of Pokie games and other casino games but via a no download gaming platform checkout our featured casinos that utilize the Quickfire Gaming Platform.

Claiming Pokie Bonuses

One aspect of playing Pokie machines in the online gaming environment that is sure to be of interest to every single Pokie player is that you are going to be able to claim a massive range of different types of bonus offers.

Pokie bonuses come in many different structured and formats and as such you do need something of a full understanding in regards to how each type of pokie bonus has been put together as some of them offer players more value than other bonuses.

As a first time online Pokie player playing pokies for real money at any of our featured casino sites you are going to be offered bonuses such as no deposit bonuses, free Pokie spins and something known as a deposit match Pokie bonus.

With that in mind below we shall introduce you to each of the Pokie bonuses that you are going to be able to claim as a new player and often you can claim these bonuses if you are a loyal, regular player at one of more of our listed online casino sites, so do keep on reading as these bonuses really are going to give you lots of playing value.

Free Pokie Spins – Some casinos will allocate you a set number of spins on one of their Pokie machines when you register as a new player, those free spins will be real money spins and you will be able to keep any winnings won with them, subject to you meeting any play through requirements.

No Deposit Pokie Bonuses – A no deposit Pokie playing bonus is a completely free of charge set of bonus credits added to your account without you having to make a deposit into your casino account. The value of the bonus is of course going to vary depending at just which online casino you are playing at.

Deposit Match Bonuses – A match bonus is a very easy to understand bonus offer, when you make an initial deposit into an online casino site that site offering such a bonus will add  bonus credits to your account based on the size of the deposit match bonus offer and how much you deposit. So for example if you deposit $50 and the bonus is a 200% deposit match bonus when you make that deposit the casino will add another $100 in bonus credits to your account.

You are also going to be earning comp points when you play Pokie machines online for real money, the number of points allocated to you and the redemption rates for turning those points in to Pokie playing credits will vary from casino to casino, so always compare different comp clubs.

Pokies Tips

  • Play progressive pokies as you can win tons of money if you get a lucky spin
  • Always play the maximum number of coins and lines each spin
  • Always play within your bankroll
  • Have Fun!

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