Online Red Dog for Real Money

Welcome to the guide to playing Red Dog online for real money. While some people refer to Red Dog as Red Dog Poker, this is a slight misnomer as it is not actually a poker game. The game’s origins can be traced back to the start of the 18th century and the way that the game is played is referred to as being an ‘in-between’ game. Below you will find the best online casinos for Red Dog games, as well as, rules and strategy for winning money at online Red Dog.

Play Online Red Dog

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A player will initially receive two cards and the player will be a winner if the third card is ranked in between the value of the other two cards. It is important to be aware that standard poker values are not used for this game so it is important to read the rules before playing.

Red Dog fell out of favor for a while but when Las Vegas became the gambling destination of choice, Red Dog started to develop a reputation as being a game of much excitement. It may not be a number one selection in most casinos but Red Dog is a game that has a high level of popularity across a number of online casino sites.

How to Play Red Dog

Red Dog is one of the more relaxing table games in the casino, where your bet is that the third card you get will fall between the first two cards you got . When your bet wins, you get paid according to the spread between the first two cards, and there’s a special 11:1 payoff if you hit a 3-of-a-kind.

Online Red Dog For Real Money

Payoff by Spreads: The Spread marks how many cards can fall between two cards. For example, between 9 and Q can come 10 and J, so the spread is 2. So according to the payoff table a winning when the spread is 2 quadruples your bet.

  • 1 card spread pays 5:1
  • 2 cards spread pays 4:1
  • 3 cards spread pays 2:1
  • 4+ cards spread pays 1:1

How to Play Red Dog

We believe playing Red Dog is easy and intuitive; the cards are ranked as in poker but the Ace is always high.

  • Click on the chip you wand and then click on the table to place the bet (you can switch chips between rounds by clicking CLEAR).
  • Click DEAL.
  • The dealer opens your first 2 cards, and the spread appears above them.
  • Now you can choose to RAISE the bet (double it) or STAND on it. Click the option you choose.
  • The dealer deals the third card and if it falls in between you win and get paid according to the payoff table (printed on the left top of the table).
  • Click CONTINUE to start a new round.

Special Hands: If your first two cards are consecutive the bet is a push, and you continue to the next round. When the first two cards are a pair you immediately get the third card. If you got 3-of-a-kind you win 11:1, otherwise the bet is pushed.

Best Casinos Online for Red Dog

We have listed the best casinos online for players to find the Red Dog casino game:

WinPalace Casino: Best Casino Online for Red Dog

The WinPalace Casino Red Dog game is just one of the many card games that are available and this one has a bit of a twist compared to other poker games. Any card player looking for something that is a little bit different will definitely enjoy the in-between nature of this game and the various side-bets that can be placed to spice up the action. WinPalace Casino helps players spice up their account with a welcome bonus that offers players a 200% matched deposit on the first and second deposit that they make.

Casino Titan: Best Casino Online for Red Dog

Casino Titan provides a wide range of card games so there is no real surprise about the fact that they offer a solid Red Dog game. The graphics are clear and the layout of the screen makes this a very simple card game to play. It is possible to get a $7 no deposit bonus when you join the Casino Titan site and there is also a 400% matched deposit bonus for the first deposit you make.

Slots Jungle: Best Casino Online for Red Dog

Slots Jungle appreciates a wide range of card games and you will not be shocked to find that they also offer a popular Red Dog option. This may be the sort of card game that you love or hate or have to be in the mood for but it is definitely an card game that can be played around the clock on Slots Jungle. Players that are new to the site are entitled to 4 matched deposit bonuses of 250% which will could see them earning up to $10,000 in bonuses.

SpinPalace Casino: Best Casino Online for Red Dog

SpinPalace Casino has developed a sterling reputation for being a casino site with a great range of card games including Red Dog. There has always been a high demand for card games and online casino sites like to give players what they are looking for and Spin Palace definitely does this with traditional casino card games and live dealer card games. Spin Palace also likes to give players what they want with respect to bonuses and there are welcome bonuses on offer for the first three deposits a player makes potentially worth up to £1,000.

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