Online Roulette for Real Money

With one of the easier games to understand and follow, roulette and its variations have become attractive to many poker players for hundreds of years. 
Indeed, the game has its roots tracing back to the 17th century and provides a rich history of gaming. 

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How to Play Roulette

Roulette is a French word for “little wheel,” and that is exactly what the game is all about. This wheel is commonly placed with 1 to 36, black or red, and a green 0. 

A croupier or dealer will spin this wheel and drop a white ball inside for it to land on a number. Before they do this, you will place a bet on what you think that it will land on. 

For more info about roulette bets visit our Roulette Rules page now.

As far as bets go, you have a variety of options known as “inside” or “outside” bets. These bets have various betting structures as follows:

Inside bets and their average payouts

  • What is known as “Straight up” betting is a bet on one number and usually pays 35 to 1.
  • A “Split” bet is on two numbers and can pay 17 to 1.
  • “Street” bets are on three numbers and could pay 11 to 1. Three numbers can be bet on with a single chip. 
  • “Corner” bets are on four numbers and usually pays 8 to 1. The chip will lay on the intersection of the four numbers you choose. 
  • Six line betting is on six numbers and can pay 5 to 1. The chip will lay on the edge of two connected streets.
  • In American roulette, there is also the choice of a five number bet, which will cover the “0, 00, 1, 2, 3” and pays something like 6 to 1, and the Row 00 bet, which will cover the 0 and 00, with a payout of 17:1.

Outside bets and their average payouts

  • These bets are the simplest to choose and are “outside” of the table or the outline of the map. 
  • Color bet simply has you choose red or black, and the pay is 1 to 1.
  • Even or odd bets pay 1 to 1.
  • Column or betting on a section of 12 numbers, pays 2 to 1
  • A Dozen bet, such as the first 12, pays a 2 to 1
  • High or low betting pays a 1 to 1.

Where to Play Roulette

Other than your traditional casino, you can play roulette games online. If you are ready for the chance to play, you are going to have some options at this popular casino game. 

By searching online, you can find many online casinos that offer roulette and a bunch of variations of the game. For specific places to play, you would need to find an online casino that best suits your needs. 

As such, you need to find one that is reputable, has good payouts and methods of payments, has other games that you might enjoy, and one that fits any other needs you may have. 

Tips for Beginners

One thing you need to understand in any poker game is the odds. The odds for roulette, especially the American version, are the dealer’s edge with all the betting options and a single 0 of 2.7 percent. 

With versions that have all betting options and both a 0 and 00, the odds increase to 5.6 percent for the dealer. Versions of the game and odds will be determined by what game of roulette you are playing. 

You can always try playing a free version of the game online. This way, you can get a feel for what is happening, and you can see what the bets are like. 

Another tip to keep in mind is how much money you are comfortable with losing. Remember, this is a gamble and should not have money used on it that would have come from bills or groceries. 

Best Roulette Casinos Online

As mentioned above, once you have done your research for the best online casino, you can start playing roulette to your heart’s content. However, finding the best one that offers roulette will be a matter of preference since they all offer high-quality options. 

Some examples of good online casinos are as follows but not limited to:

Again, it is important that you do your research on the one that is best for you. For example, those casinos all offer similar sign-up bonuses for new users and have variations of roulette that are unique in their own right. 

Some variations you will come across for roulette will have names such as European or French, Roulette Royale, Double Bonus Spin, and even Double Ball roulette. It is important before playing these versions to understand the betting odds and what has changed compared to the American version of the game.

How to Win at Roulette

Although the outcome of the wheel is up to chance, the variety of bets and combinations you can place on the table had led to the development of systems and strategies used to increase wins and payoffs. There are several popular roulette systems based on repeated bets, certain groups, or keeping tracks on previous spins.

For more info visit Roulette Strategy and the casino strategy section of our website.Since strategic play doesn’t always go hand in hand with exciting play, you can still enhance your performance without giving up the thrill with the help of some useful guidelines. These tips can help you recognize player-favorable conditions and bets, and still win money without losing all the fun.

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