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sicboAs you browse around our website you will come across plenty of casino games that you probably have played many times online, however some casino games have been around for years and never seem to get a lot of attention from players.

So today we are going to introduce to you a dice based game which you may never have come across before, but it one that offers a huge number of betting options and can be a potentially high paying game also.

This is the game of Sic-bo, and if you enjoy playing games such as Roulette which offer you loads of different betting options, then we are convinced that you may also enjoy playing Sic-bo, probably more so when you discover the maximum payout on several of the betting options is 179 to 1 as opposed to just 35 to 1 when playing Roulette.

How to Play Sic-bo

Sic-bo uses three dice to arrive at the outcome of any single game played, and before you can roll those three dice you first have to pick one or more of the available betting options to place a wager on.

You are able to place wagers for various stake amounts on any of the available betting locations so this game will suit low rolling game players and those players who enjoy playing for high stakes. Once you have placed your chosen wagers, which you do simply by clicking on the betting location on the game screen that you wish to bet on, then you simply have to click on the Roll button and the three dice will be set into motion.

Once all three of the dice come to a complete stop it is the up facing sides of each dice that are the numbers used to payout any winning wagers, below is an overview of all of the available betting options offered on the game of real money Sic-bo.

Betting Options on Sic-bo

You can place as many different wagers onto the betting layout of the Sic-bo games as you like, a minimum of one wager is required to set the game in live play, and here are all of the betting and wagering options offered along with the winning payouts awarded for each respective bet:

Small Bet

Placing the Small Bet will see you hoping the total value of the up facing sections of the three dice add up to 4 to 10 in total, if they do then you are given a payout of even money, be aware a triple which is three numbers the same rolled in on the dice is a losing bet when rolled in if you have placed the Small Bet wager.

Large Bet

The Big bet pays out at even money when successful and this is where you will be betting that the total of the three dice will be from 11 to 17 in total, much like the above bet any triple is classed as a losing bet on this type of Sic-bo wager.

Single Number Bet

You can bet on any single number being rolled in on at least one of the three dice, if you pick for example number 2 and one of the three dice is a two you are paid out at even money, however when you have placed this bet and 2 x 2’s or 3 x 2’s are rolled in then a payout of x2 and x12 respectively will be awarded instead of the even money bet.

Double Number Bet

Another bet you can place is that two of the three dice will have the same number facing upwards, so for example you can place a wager on 2 x 4’s being rolled in and if they are then a payout of x11 of your staked amount if awarded as the winning payout on these Sic-bo bets.

Triple Number Bet

Whilst getting all the same numbers showing on the up facing side of the three dice is rare, should you decide to place a wager on for example the 3 x 5’s bet and then three fives are rolled in you will be awarded with a huge x 180 winning payout based on the amount of cash you wagered on that particular betting location.

Three Dice Value Bet

You can bet that the total value of the three up facing sides on the three dice rolled in each game of Sic-bo will be from 4 to 17 in value and dependent on which number value you opt to bet on one of several different winning payouts will be awarded to you based on your total staked amount on that respective wagering opportunity.

The payouts associated with the three number dice value bets are as follows: The total of three dice will add up to 4 pays x 62, the same payout is offered for the 17 number bet. The total of three dice will add up to 5 pays x 31, this is the same payout for the 16 number bet. The total of three dice will add up to 6 pays x 18, the same winning payout is awarded for the 15 number bet.

The total of three dice will add up to 7 will pay x 12 and so does the 14 number betting options. The total of three dice will add up to 8 pays x 8 which is the same winning payout as the 13 number bet. The total of three dice will add up to 9 pays x 7 as does the 12 number bet. The total of three dice will add up to 10 pays x 6 which is the same winning payout offered on the 11 number bet.

2 Dice Combination

One final betting option offered on Sic bo is the 2 number combination bet, when you place this wager you can pick out any two different numbers that you hope will be rolled in on the upward facing sides of any of the three dice.

The payouts awarded on this type of wagering opportunity will be x6 your staked amount for each combination of two numbers rolled in on the three dice.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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