Online Slot Machine Bonus Games with Extra Features

Whilst it is true to say you are guaranteed to have plenty of entertaining and exciting online slot playing sessions, you are going to have a much more enjoyable session if you opt to play slots offering feature packed bonus games.

In this section of our ever expanding website we are going to introduce you to several of our recently added slot playing articles all of which are going to showcase to you a range of bonus game awarding slots which, when you trigger their respective bonus games, are going to give you the chance of triggering a range of additional bonus features.

Do check through these individual slot playing guides for there are plenty of slot games listed within them that you may never have come across before, and that should enable you to compile a shortlist of slots to play when you are next logged into any of our top rated online casino sites.

Pick Again Slot Game Picking Games – One type of slot game bonus feature round that is a little bit like Marmite, meaning you either love it or hate it is the bonus pick to win rounds which can be triggered from time to time. The aim of these bonus games is that you have to pick off locations form a bonus game screen in the hope you reveal the highest paying positions.

However, many slots will, after you have made your selections, also reveal the other positions that you didn’t pick off and it is often the case that those positions you didn’t pick off had the highest valued cash prizes hiding underneath them.

There are some slots which can award you with bonus picks as you pick off the cash paying positions, and if you are attracted to playing those type of slots then take a look at our pick again slot game picking rounds guide, as you are more likely to achieve some higher paying bonus game rounds when playing those slots than you would playing slots which only offer you a static number of picks.

In fact in that section of our website we shall also introduce you to some slot games that give you an unlimited number of picks on their picking bonus games which only end when you reveal a game over type of symbol, and when playing those slots with some luck in playing you could occasionally win some much larger amounts of cash.

Slot Games with Additional Wild Symbols – There are more than enough slot games available online that come with all manner of different wild symbols. Those symbols are always worth spinning in for they will help you form additional winning combinations when they spin in alongside other matching reel symbols on activated pay lines.

However, we have seen quite a number of slots on which a set of additional wild symbols come into play during the free spins bonus round and as such those slots are certainly going to be worth playing. For when those bonus free spins rounds are awarded if you spin in both the standard reel symbols and the additional wild symbols you could bag some very large valued winning payouts during the free spins round.

We have listed several of those type of slot games on which additional wild symbols will and do come into play during the free spins bonus game in our guide to slots games with additional wild symbols, so do check out that slot playing guide to find a range of slots which you may enjoy playing.

Free Spins Awarded Via Pick to Win Bonus Games – If you enjoy playing slots offering free spins bonus games and also like playing slots which offer you a pick to win bonus game and are unsure of just which ones to play today, then consider getting stuck into playing the slots on which free spins can be awarded to you but via a pick to win playing structure.

There are a handful of these types of slot games available online you will be getting the best of both worlds when playing them. In fact some slot games will offer you a pick to win bonus game on which you could reveal not only free spins but also cash amounts, and as such when playing those slots online you could win large amounts of cash before you even get to play off your awarded free spins.

Slots Offering an Unlimited Number of Free Spins – There is plenty of fun and excitement to be had if you choose to play online slot games which award free spins. In fact throughout this website we have hundreds of slot game reviews and many of the slots we have reviewed offer some form of free spins feature round.

However, it is often the case that when you trigger this type of bonus game feature round you are only going to be allocated a set number to free spins when the bonus games have been awarded to you. Whilst those slots can often award some fairly large winning payouts, you are going to find there are some additional free spins awarding slots which can offer you a much more exciting type of playing format.

These slots are those on which you are not awarded with a set number of free spins, but are instead awarded a potentially unlimited number of free spins! Take a look at our section of this website that is dedicated to showcasing to you the slots offering an unlimited number to free spins, and when playing them some truly enormous amount of cash can be won.

However, you are always going to find the free spins bonus feature round swill eventually come to an end and that will be due to either the slots having a maximum in limit in place on them or some form of reel symbols that when it is spun in will end the unlimited free spins playing structure of that bonus game.

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