Online Slot Playing Myths Exposed

myth-bustedAs the online gaming environment has fully matured now and has been around for over 20 years there is of course all manner of different myths surrounding certain games available at online casino sites.

One category of game that has lots of myths attached to them are online slots, and as such we thought we would present to you a listing of some of these myths whilst at the same time exposing them as such, or not as the case may be.

Slot Game Return to Player Payout Percentages (RTP’s)

There are a large number of myths regarding the payout percentages of slot games found online, the first is that a casino can change and alter the payout percentages on their slot games on the hoof and can even change individual players RTP’s when a player has been winning.

No online casino using any of the leading software providers range of games have any control what so ever in regards to adjusting the RTP’s of any of their slot games, in fact the actual gaming platform provider does need to consult and seek the permission of their licensing authority if they are planning on altering any games payout percentage, and as such you will find the payout percentages on all online slots rarely if ever change.

This is also very true for any new slot games that have been launched online, you will often find land based casinos will increase the RTP’s of brand new slot games they put onto their gaming floors for a short period of time, however online casinos cannot and do not do this, which means you are going to have the same chance of winning when playing a brand new online slot machine as you would when playing one that has been available for decades.

You will find listed around our website that actual RTP’s of a large array of different online slot games, so if you are wondering which are the best paying slots then we invite you to have a good look around, for that information can be found within our website and it may come as a surprise to learn just how high some online slot games have been designed to payout.

Predetermined Outcomes of Bonus and Gamble Games

One fact regarding online slot games which is certainly not a myth is in regards to when you opt to take a slot games gamble option or you have been awarded a slot games bonus type feature round. The actual outcome of many of these gamble and main bonus game features has been predetermined before you actually start playing off the bonus game.

It is worth noting that there is nothing untoward about this, as each game is certified as completely random, however in regards to gamble and bonus games many slots have been designed in such a way that their bonus game features will ensure the slot play and pays to its expected payout percentage.

However you have just as much chance of having a high paying bonus game feature round as you do having a low paying one, and over the long term operation of any slot game, the more you play it the more you will experience both kinds of bonus games, and even though the outcome of many bonus game features are predetermined this will not in any way diminish your actual long term winning chances.

Slot Bonuses Affect Your Winning Potential

Slot players who have chosen to utilize an online casinos welcome or ongoing bonus offers often think they have very little chance of winning when taking such a bonus or that a different set of playing rules come into force when they have taken such a bonus which means the slot will not play and pay as it usually does when they are not playing with a bonus.

This is another common myth surrounding online slots, for the slots do not play or pay any differently when you are playing with a casino bonus, however it is the actual terms and conditions of the bonus itself that will directly affect any players winning chances.

As a casino bonus requires you to churn through your deposit and or your bonus many times before you will be in a position to cash anything out, then that is what affects your winning chances, for the more times you play a slot the payout percentage of that particular game and the variance of that slot is going to eat away at your available balance.

So if you are thinking of playing online slots with a bonus do make sure you are not going to have to be tied to some very large play through requirements as it is those that affect your winning chances and not the actual design of the slot game.

Progressive Slot Game Myths

There have been many winners of progressive slot game jackpots over the years and there have been times when one player will win several progressive jackpots or the players winning them are brand new players of the casino offering these types of games.

This has led many players to believe that online progressive slot games are somehow designed to award their progressive jackpots to either VIP players at certain casinos or brand new players. This is another slot playing myth for casinos have no control what so ever over who is going to win a progressive jackpot or when.

Should one particular player be playing one progressive slot game for very long periods of time then they do of course stand a much better chance of winning a progressive jackpot than a player who give those slots a little play time here and there.

So if you do see one players’ name being listed as a progressive slot winner several times it is going to be a case of either that player has been extremely lucky or is playing that slot for long periods of time and as such the longer any player plays a progressive slot the more their chances of winning the jackpot will become.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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