Online Slots Offering a Both Ways Playing Structure

Are you the type of online slot player who is always prepared to play a range of slots offering something of a unique type of playing structure? If so then how about trying the range of slots which come with a Both Ways playing structure.

These slot games give you twice the chances of spinning in a winning combination, for instead of you only being able to form a winning combination on a payline in the standard way, that being from left to right these slots will let you additionally form winning combinations from right to left.

There are a number of slots that offer a Both Ways playing structure and you are going to find them offered at Microgaming Casinos, these games are accessible via the downloadable gaming platforms and whilst you may have to place an additional side bet wager to be able to play the Both Ways playing structure on some of these slots, there are several of them which require no additional stake to be placed to allow you to have twice the chances of spinning in a winning combination.

Have a look through the following listing of these slot games and should you fancy giving any of them a whirl you are able to test drive any of them free of charge at any of our listed and approved Microgaming software powered casino sites.

Crazy Chameleons Slot – The Crazy Chameleons slot game is a five reel, five line slot game on which you are going to be playing a both ways type of playing structure. You are not required to place any type of bonus bet wager to activate that both ways playing structure so each and every spin you play off will see you being able to form a winning combinations from left to right and right to left on any of the paylines you choose to put into play.

The base game jackpot which you can spin in when playing this slot game is admittedly not as high as the jackpots offered on some of the other slots listed below, however you should see the jackpot paying combination spinning in more often when playing this slot as opposed to the ones listed below.

The jackpot which you can win when playing the Crazy Chameleons slot game is 5000 coins and this slot has an additional wild symbol found on all five reels which can and will help you form additional winning combinations. Be aware that when playing this slot online you are only able to wager one coin per payline per spin however the coin values are all fully adjustable as are the number of paylines that you can choose to put into play.

No bonus features are going to be awarded to you when playing this slot and as such if you are looking for a basic slot game to play but one slightly more advanced than the older three reel types of Classic slots then this would be a great choice of game to play.

Winning Wizards Slot – The Winning Wizards slot game is another 5 reel, 5 paylines video slot on which you are going to be able to play a both ways playing structure without the need to place any extra side bet wagers. This slot as a jackpot worth some 10,000 coins and that jackpot is awarded to your whenever you spin in five of the Wizard symbols on any of your activated pay lines.

Genies Gems Slot – The Genies Gems slot game is another 5 payline slot found into the gaming suite of downloadable Microgaming software powered casino sites and this game offers the both ways playing structure and when playing it a base game jackpot of some 10,000 coins can be won by players.

This slot much like the other older both ways structured slots from Microgaming does not offer any kind of base game features or bonus rounds and this slot has neither a scatter symbol or a wild symbol, so one thing you will be guaranteed of if you choose to play it is you will be able to rattle through plenty of spins per session and there will be no bonus games or bonus features being triggered to slow your gaming session down.

Oriental Fortune Slot – One final standard video slot game found in the gaming suite of Microgaming powered sites which boasts a both ways playing structure is the Oriental Fortune slot. This slot does of course come with an Asia theme and with some high paying reel symbols, wild symbols and a base game jackpot worth 5000 coins it may be a slot worth playing one day soon.

The paylines and coin values can all be adjusted on this slot game however you can only play one single coin per spin. If you want to play a lot of spins in a short period of time then this slot can also be set to play itself via the auto play settings which include an option to play it via a fast play option.

Atomic 8’s Slot – The Atomic 8’s slot game is part of a series of slots available from Microgaming that make up their Power Spins Slot Series. Each of these slots give you the option of placing an additional side bet wager which you place alongside the base game bet and in exchange for that bonus bet you will be able to trigger a unique type of bonus game or a special playing structure will come in force when you are playing that slot.

If you place the bonus bet on the Atomic 8’s slot game you will be able to turn the standard payout structure which pays from left to right into one on which all winning combinations pay both ways so you will additionally be able to form a winning combination from right to left also.

Whilst the above four slots do not require you to place an additional side bet wager to activate the both ways playing structure this may be a slot that is worth playing for it does boast something of a high payout percentage and a large base game jackpot.

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