Online Slots Offering the Maximum Entertainment

Playboy-Slot-MainWhen you are choosing which slot games to play you will probably be hunting around for the slots offering the biggest potential jackpot and you will be looking for a slot that is going to offer you plenty of additional bonus type games which can trigger and hopefully give you some decent sized payouts whenever they have been awarded.

With this in mind we have trawled through our large and growing number of slot reviews and have listed below some of the most entertaining slot games you can play based on each slots theme, jackpot, and the number of different types of bonus games that can be triggered and awarded to you.

Have a look at this listing and if you wish to learn more about any of the slots mentioned simply take a look at our review of that slot as by doing so you will be able to see for yourself just what that slot has to offer.

Multiple Bonus Game Awarding Slots

With the bonus games offered on most online slots being one of the ways you can be awarded with some of the biggest payouts apart from the base game jackpot of that slot, then please do consider playing any of the following slot games on which multiple different bonus rounds can be awarded and triggered.

Microgaming’s Winter Gold Slot is a perfect example of a multiple bonus game awarding slot for when playing it you can trigger six different bonus games whenever you spin in enough of the scatter symbols, the bonus game involves you spinning a wheel to determine just which bonus game you can then play out and with a base game jackpot worth a large 5,000 coins even if you don’t trigger the bonus game a large jackpot could be spun in.

The Great Galaxy Grab Slot is an action packed slot game and the one main part of this slot game that will keep you entertained are the many different bonus games that you can trigger, there are eight different bonus games which you can trigger when playing the base game, and these bonus games do appear to trigger at very regular intervals.

Another category of slot game which can always be guaranteed to give you the maximum entertainment value are the Fruit Machines, should you enjoy playing slots on which bonus features regularly are awarded then these slots should be very high upon your list of slot games to play, Microgaming have more than enough of these types of slots available and as such do consider playing their Abra Kebab Ra Slot or the Mule Britannia Slot, both of which will award you with plenty of bonus features.

One final slot that we think you should give some play time to when you are next feeling in a slot playing mood is the Playboy Slot Game, the free spins bonus games which this slot can and will awarded offer you different options in regards to just how you will play out each set of free spins, and by making the right decision when choosing which free spins bonus game to take you could see lots of winning combinations forming or some additional bonus features being awarded as the free spins are playing out.

Slots with the Most Regularly Awarded Jackpots

If you are jackpot hunting and are hoping that you will win a huge cash jackpot when playing slots at any of our featured online casino sites then you should have a look through the following listing of slots, for these are the games which award their jackpot at regularly intervals, and as such they should definitely be the slots you are looking to play today.

The Mega Moolah Slot has four different jackpots that can be won in addition to the base game jackpot, and as the four progressive jackpots are awarded at random with the two smaller sized ones being awarded every few minutes then you will not find a better slot to play on which you could win a progressive jackpot than this little beauty.

You will often find the three reel slots games which you can play online have more modestly sized jackpots on offer, and being low valued jackpots then they do tend to be won more often than those huge life changing jackpots that some online slot games can, but very rarely will award to players.

Should you fancy playing a relatively straight forward type of slot game today on which you will only be setting in motion three reels then do consider giving the Double Magic Slot game some play time, this slot is not only an online slot game but you are also going to be able to play it at many Microgaming powered mobile casino sites.

New Slots worth Playing

Whilst the many new slot games that are released each month are always guaranteed to be offering something fairly unique by way of bonus games and/or bonus features, not all new slots that are released can be called entertaining slots.

However having taken a look at some of the latest slot games to go live over the last few months we have to say there are a few that doe stand out. The Cashoccino Slot for example will let you place a special additional side bet alongside your standard base game wager, and when you place this bet you can be awarded with the free spins feature more often, for only two scatters need to spin in as opposed to three to trigger the feature when you have placed the additional side bet wager.

Playtech’s Everybody’s Jackpot Slot is another new slot worth playing, for whenever you play it and wager a certain amount during your session, if another player wins its jackpot within 24 hours of you giving it some play time then you can win a share of the bonus jackpot prize, so you can win a huge amount of cash even when you have stopped playing it.

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