Online Slots that Share the Same RTP’s

You will noticed that when playing at some online casinos that many of the slot games you will find available either come with identical playing structure or will offer the very same payout percentages.

Anyone with any experience of playing slot games will always opt to play those online slots with higher than average payout percentages as that ensures they get plenty of play time from their gaming budget due to the high hit frequency of the winning combinations spinning in, and the higher a slot games payout percentage or RTP as it is often referred to the better.

With this in mind we have looked long and hard through our data base and wish to present to you a range of  slots which all share the same long term expected payout percentage and also slots which have higher than average payout percentages and the following slots are the ones you should be looking to play online.

Video Slots with Identical RTP’s

You are going to find that each of the following video slot games from Microgaming have an identical long term expected payout percentage, and it is worth noting that these particular slots offer a more classic type of playing structure.

When playing these slots you have a range of different stake options and can play from one to nine coins per spin and each slot shares a very higher than average long term expected payout percentage that is certified as being an impressive 96.95%.

5 Reel Drive Slot – The 5 Reel Drive slot game is available both as an online slot game or you can get stuck into playing it at Microgaming powered mobile slot sites. It offers players the chance of spinning in a jackpot paying combination that rewards jackpot winners with a very large and impressive 10,000 coin jackpot.

Reel Thunder Slot –This slot comes with a road trip theme much like the slot game above and when playing this one no bonus games can be awarded to you but a jackpot worth 10,000 could be spun in on any one single base game spin you play off. This slot offers additional winning opportunities thanks to a set of scatter and wild symbols in play on all five video reels.

Sun Quest Slot –Microgaming do of course have a whole host of slot games which boast unique themes and this slot, as the name suggests comes with a hot summery type of theme and is structured as a high paying 9 optional payline slot.

There are several other slots which offer a non nonsense and very fast playing structure and the four slots listed below will see you playing a game offering a payout percentage of 96.94%, these slots are therefore, much like those listed above high paying slots which will appeal to players who are not too concerned about playing video slots that offer no type of bonus games but will give them a much higher amount of their stakes back as winning payouts over the long term.

Big Top Slot – This slot game will not cause you any confusion when playing it, it comes with a Circus type theme and as soon as you have selected a stake amount you just click on the spin button to find out whether you have won or lost.

Carnaval Slot –  Another very easy to play slot game offered at Microgaming powered online casino sites that comes with a high payout percentage of 96.94% is their Carnaval slot, this game could see you being awarded with a large 5000 base game jackpot.

Crazy 80’s Slot – You will enjoy playing the Crazy 80’s slot game if you was around back in the 1980’s as many of the reel symbols are based on the things that were around in that decade, including huge mobile phones and music cassettes.

What a Hoot Slot – One final high paying 9 line slot game you can play if you are seeking out very high paying slots is the What a Hoot slot game, be aware when playing this slot you can only wager one single coin on each of those 9 pay lines, but the coin values can be increased or decreased and its jackpot payout is worth winning at 5000 coins.

Bonus Game Awarding Video Slots with High RTP’s

If it is video slot games that you want to play online that will offer you some form of bonus game as you are play them, and it is pick to win bonus rounds you prefer triggering, then each of the following slot games are worthy of your play time and real money gaming action.

All of the slots listed below offer an identical long term payout percentage of a very high 96.62% and with lots of optional paylines and coin values that you can easily be adjusted to cater for your preferred playing strategy they are slots we can happily recommend to you safe in the knowledge you will be getting lots of playing value.

Age of Discovery Slot – The Age of Discovery slot is quite a popular Microgaming powered slot game and in fact it has just been added to Microgaming’s mobile gaming platform so you can play it either online or on any type of touch screen mobile device.

Gift Rap Slot – When you play the Gift Rap slot the bonus game you can trigger will see you picking Jack in the Box type symbols off the bonus game screen and you can keep on picking and winning cash awards via that bonus game until you uncover a game over type symbol instead of a cash value.

Pollen Nation Slot – 25 optional paylines are offered on the Pollen Nation slot game and a quite similar bonus picking round can be awarded to you when playing this slot to the slot above. It should be noted to more you stake per spin the more you stand to win when that bonus game is awarded to you.

Classic Slots that have the Same RTP’s

There are quite a number of 3 reel classic slot games which due to their design all offer you the same long term expected payout percentages. Whilst any slot player is going to want to play the slots offering the best long term expected RTP’s, unless you know just which slots offer what by way of their pay backs you could end up playing a game which boasts a very low payout percentage.

Mistakenly playing any slot with a low RTP is going to see you having shorter playing sessions as those slots by their very design will eat away at your bankroll and gaming budget and will not give you as much winning payouts as a high paying slot.

With that in the forefront of your mind below you are going to find several sets of slot games all of which offer the exact same payout percentages, and as such you should spend some time studying these facts and figures to ensure you know which are the better paying slots and which are never going to be worth playing due to low RTP’s.

Break Da Bank and Legacy Slots

Microgaming are famed for designing some very high paying 3 reel slots, however some of them can be quite low paying slots! The Break Da Bank slot game and the newer Legacy slot game are both five line, 3 reel slots and when playing either of those two slot games you will find they play out with a very high long term expected RTP that being a generous 95.75%.

When playing these two 3 reel slots then more of your stakes will be returned as winning payouts, and as such they are of course perfect slot games to play if you have a very large casino deposit bonus in your casino account, just do be aware they are high variance slots so you could win big at any time, but you will also have the chance of having one or more lower paying sessions until those mega winning payouts are spun in.

High Paying Classic Slots

All of the following classic slots have one thing in common, and that is over the long term each of them are going to return to player 95.58% of the stakes played through and wagered on these slots as winning payouts. Whilst the pay tables on these slots are all identical it is the themes that are slightly different.

Cash Crazy – This slot comes with a classical design so that means the reel symbols will be very familiar with symbols such as Cherries, Single, Double and Triple Bars being found in large numbers on all three reels of the slot.

Double Magic – You will find some wild multiplier symbols in play on the reels of this slot game one doubles any winning combination formed with a wild symbol and two wild symbols helping complete any standard pay table listed winning payout is quadrupled in value.

Fortune Cookie – This Asia themed slot game will let you play one or two coins per spin and when playing or two coins spinning in the jackpot paying winning combination will see you instantly picking up a jackpot payout worth a fairly large 1600 coins.

Rock the Boat – You will not have to visit Las Vegas to see an Elvis impersonator as there is one in displayed on the Rick the Boat slot, in fact he is also the jackpot paying reel symbol on this single line slot so let us hope he makes an appearance on a payline on all thee reels if you do decide to play this slot online.

Low Paying Classic Online Slots

The following slot games whilst on first appearance may look like rather appealing slot games to play due to some fairly high payouts listed on the pay tables, there are all slot games never worthy of any real money slot players attention and this is due to each of them offer a payout percentage that has been set terribly low at just 93.23%.

Belissimo – The jackpot paying symbols on this slot game is the weird looking Italian Chef! You will have the choice of playing five different paylines per spin and each payline has a different jackpot payout attached to it.

Golden Dragon – This slot was one of the very first ones that Microgaming launched with a 5 payline structure, and whilst it is still available it is not really a slot to give any real money attention to due to its very low RTP. If for some reason you do end up playing it then you will be best advised to activate all of its five paylines per spin, for that gives you access to the highest paying winning payout which will be achieved when you spin in all five of the Dragon reel symbols and they have landed on the fifth payline.

Jackpot Express – The Jackpot Express slot game was another of the first 5 line slots Microgaming had available to play via their fully downloadable gaming platform. There is in fact no difference in regards to the payout structure attached on this slot games pay table to the slot above and as such when playing this one a five line wager is going to see you having the chance of spinning in a 5000 coin jackpot winning payout, playing fewer than five lines will result in the jackpots on offer being much lower in value.

Roman Riches – There are not many reel symbols in play on the reels of the Roman Riches slot game, the wild and jackpot symbol is the Roman Man symbol, and the other symbols include a set of three Bar Symbols and a big Red Seven Reel symbol. This is another of Microgaming’s multi stake slots so you can adjust the coin values and you can also choose to play from one to five lines per spin. But being such a low paying slot you should never be in any type of rush to give it a whirl online.

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