Online Slots – What’s Coming in 2014?

Whilst we do not have a crystal ball that would enable us to see in the future, there are many different predictions we can make in regards to what 2014 holds for online slot players, and in this article we shall take a look at some of the more likely things that we are possibly going to see happen during 2014 in regards to new slot games, new bonus features and anything else online slots related.

Slot Machine Predictions for 2014

More 3D Slots – One thing that we can guarantee will happen in 2014 is that there will be a steady stream of High Definition 3D slot games being launched, several new and existing online slot game designers have already launched these stunning and fully animated types of slot games so adding even more of them in the coming twelve months will be a natural progression.

Additional Sister Slots – There are plenty of online slot games which make up a series of slots, such as the Mega Moolah slot, the Sneak a Peek slots and the Untamed series of slots, and we are expecting some of the major online casino game designers to be adding even more slots to their series of slots.

In fact we are aware that Microgaming will be making their Avalon slot game into a slot game series and in February of 2014 you will find the Avalon II slot game going live, and this slot really does need to be seen to be believed.

New Fruit Machines – One category of online slot game that is sure to see plenty of new and additional slots being added to it during 2014 are the Fruit Machines, these types of slots are hugely popular with UK slot players for they boast a huge number of bonus features that make them highly entertaining games to play.

Even More Unique Wild Symbols – There are already dozens of different wild symbols found attached to many online slot games, and these symbols have been evolving as the years go by and as such do not only stand in for other standard reel symbols but they come with a plethora of unique features.

As 2014 gets underway we are more than confident that you will see lots of additional wild symbols being added to several new slot games, and as such we do look forward to seeing just what these new reel symbols will be designed to do.

We also expect to see additional randomly awarded bonus game where one to five of the reels on video slots can be turned into completely wild reels, whilst these bonus features all have a similar format and structure it is the names of them which differ, we already have Wild Desire and Wild Celebration bonus features so let us see what names will be given to these wild bonus games in 2014.

More All Ways and All Pays Slots – It is no secret that a lot of the more well known online slot game designers are turning their attention away from the more classical type of video slots which have optional paylines, and are instead designing their video slots with the maximum number of ways to win.

This means we are going to see many more 243, 1024 and even 3125 All Ways and All Pays structured slots being launched and made live throughout 2014, so if you like these newly structured slot games you will have even more choice of slots on offer in the coming 12 months.

Random Jackpot Slots – You are always going to find more slot games than you could possibly play in one single slot playing session that offer you the chance of winning a randomly awarded progressive jackpot.

You will find these kinds of slots in large numbers at Real Time Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming powered sites, as the Real Series suite of games found at RTG powered sites are the most popular slots they have on offer it will be no surprise to see plenty of new ones coming online during 2014.

Land Based Slots Coming Online – As there are many land based slot game designers now involved in the online gaming environment then it is a sure fire bet that we are going to see even more of those slot games that have been found exclusively in land based casinos making the transition into the online gaming environment.

In fact with many US States now legalizing online casinos in their jurisdictions we have already started to see some of the major land based slot machine designers already launching their own suite of online games which are slots from their land based back catalogue of games.

So if you are a fan of slots of companies such as Bally Technologies, WMS and IGT to name but a couple of slot machine manufacturers then you will soon be playing their more popular land based slots from the comfort of your own home.

Even More Online Slots Sites – As you will probably already be aware the online gaming environment is getting bigger every single year, and we expect 2014 to be no different so keep your eyes peeled for plenty of new online slot sites and online casino sites opening their cyber doors throughout 2014.

In fact we have already been given advance notice of a number of new online casinos that will be opening in the coming months, so do keep on checking back for we will be letting you know all about these new slot sites and casino sites as soon as they go live.

Additional Mobile Slots – With the mobile gaming environment going through something of a revolution and more and more online slot game players opting to move their online casino game playing onto the mobile gaming platform then a safe bet will be us predicting that as 2014 gets underway many of the leading online slot game and online gaming platform suppliers will be releasing more and more of their online slot games onto their own mobile platforms.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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