Benefits of Playing Online Roulette instead of FOBT Roulette

Fixed-odds betting terminalYou will only be familiar with the term FOBT if you are a UK based gambler, for this is the name given to the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals that have taken root in the thousands of betting offices located throughout Great Britain.

These gaming terminals have proven to be a lifeline and financial gold mine for many betting companies with there being no shortages of players lining up to play the Roulette, Blackjack and Slot games that can be played on them, however there is a lot of controversy surrounding them and they have been blamed for increasing problem gambling in and around the towns and cities where they are located.

In this article we are going to compare both the FOBT Roulette games and those which can be found in the online gaming environment, so as to help you make a more informed decision on whether you should switch from playing the Fixed Odds Betting Terminal Roulette games and instead concentrate your efforts on playing online Roulette instead.

Online vs. FOBT Roulette Game Variants

You are not going to find a massive range of Roulette variants available on FOBT’s, what you will however find is several different games which offer different stake options. Ever eager to get as many players playing the FOBT machines as is possible many land based betting shops will offer low stake Roulette games which could see you placing wagers for as low as 0.05 on any single number on the Roulette games betting layout.

There is one or two FOBT Roulette games which offer an additional Bonus type position on the wheel and on the betting layout, and once you place this wager you will win randomly awarded cash payouts or you could win a special progressive type of jackpot.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind when playing any FOBT’s Roulette games is that you can never place a single or collection of wagers worth more than 100.00 per spin and you can never win more than 500.00 per spin of the wheel.

When you do switch your Roulette play over to the online gaming environment and play this popular casino table game at any of the many different online casino sites then a whole host of different game variants are going to become available to you, and you will find the stake levels at which you can play these games and the maximum amount you can win per spin of the wheel you make is considerably higher than what is offered on FOBT Roulette games.

Should you have played the FOBT Roulette games offering a bonus type bet and found them to be to your liking then consider giving one of our WMS Interactive software powered online casinos a try for they boast a huge number of Roulette games which offer a unique bonus bet on which a range of additional payouts can be won.

Some of these Roulette variants include the Double Bonus Roulette and the Hot Streak Roulette games. Should you be looking for a Roulette game offering a massive top prize payout then Microgaming’s Roulette Royale game features a special progressive jackpot that can be won once you get a single number spinning in consecutively five times on the trot.

You are also going to find games such as French Roulette available online, and the main attraction of this game which is not found on FOBT’s is that whenever a zero spins in your get half of your even money paying wagers back which makes it a very low house edge game to play.

Online and FOBT Roulette Bonuses and Comps

You are going to find that when you compare playing Roulette games in your local bookmakers shop to playing them online you are not going to get offered as many little extras by way of bonuses and comps in the bookies shop as you will online.

You will of course get the occasional free cup of tea or coffee and if you are lucky the occasional sandwich when playing FOBT Roulette in a betting shop, however you will get offered deposit match bonuses, reload bonuses and will also be earning loyalty and comp points when playing online which will enable you to redeem the loyalty and comp points you accumulate for additional free casino credits.

The value to be had by switching your FOBT Roulette play over to the online gaming environment is going to massively increase the value you get out of your gambling budget, and there is an added bonus and that is when playing online you will not have waifs and strays stood behind you watching you playing.

Many betting shops will offer the occasional Roulette Tournament, and these are usually held on Saturdays, and will see you being able to claim a certain amount of free play credits in the hope that you manage to win the highest amount of credits with those free credits and if you do you will win a modest cash prize.

Be aware however that these FOBT Roulette Tournaments always have a huge number of people taking part in them and as such your actual chances of winning anything are massive and you will have to be very lucky to actually end up with something to show for your efforts.

Live Online Roulette Games

One of the benefits of playing online Roulette that you will not find available when playing FOBT Roulette is that you will find several online casinos offering a Live Roulette suite of games, and these are actual land based games playing out and being broadcast by a live video stream from a land based casino and you are able to place wagers directly onto those land based Roulette tables directly from your computer.

If you have always had a nagging doubt that the Roulette games you are playing in your local bookies are not always 100% random then make sure you try these new Live Roulette games, for as you are always able to see the games in full flow then you will be guaranteed of getting a fair and honest game.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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