Optimal Penny Slot Playing Strategy

There are of course going to be times when your casino account balance dwindles way to such a low amount you will be faced with either having to make another deposit, or set the stakes on the slot game you are thinking of playing to the lowest ones available.

That will see you then hunting around for a range of penny slot games to play or a range of multi stake slots that offer players the very lowest coin value options. If you are looking to play some slots for low stakes irrespective of whether you have not much cash left in your casino account or whether you prefer to just make minimum value deposits into a casino site, then the following article will be of interest to you.

Below you will find the optimal way to play penny slots online to either allow you to get the maximum paying value or increase your chances of winning or at the very least get a much increased chance of triggering the bonus games on a range of video slots.

Increasing Your Bankroll – The first thing you should be looking to do before you actually click on any penny slot games spin button to send your gaming session into live play is to be increasing the value of your gaming budget and bankroll.

You are going to find that even when you make small and modestly sized deposits into many casino sites those sites will have some form of bonus offer available to you, and with that in mind always be on the lookout for deposit mach bonuses or reload bonuses, as by claiming them you can often massively increase the value of your bankroll before you actually start to play.

Triggering Bonus Games – The bonus game which is attached to any video slot game you choose to play as a penny slot player is only going to be awarded to you regularly if you play that slot game optimally.

However, when playing only a limited number of paylines per spin you will often find some video slot games will only award you with their bonus games a much lower number of times when the bonus game is awarded by spinning in bonus symbols on activated pay lines.

So when you are playing video slots as a penny slot player you are going to be far better off opting to play those slots offering bonus games which are triggered by scatter symbols as opposed to bonus symbols.

As scatter symbols will award you with the bonus game no matter where those symbols spin in and irrespective of the number of paylines you are playing, then you are much more likely to trigger those bonus games regularly when playing those types of slots than you ever would when playing a slot on which bonus symbols have to line up on activated pay lines, as you will often be playing fewer than the maximum number of paylines when playing slots for pennies.

Winning a Progressive Jackpot – Do not think you are not going to have any reasonable chance of winning a progressives jackpot when playing slot games for pennies per spin, for whilst some slot games will require you to play for maximum coins and/or maximum pay lines to have the progressive jackpot element of the slot in live play when playing them to have a chance of winning the jackpot, some slots will give you a chance of winning the jackpot no matter how many lines or coins you play.

If you want to play slots for pennies but always have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot then you need to be looking to play slots such as Real Time Gaming’s range of Real Series slots, Microgaming’s range of Mega Moolah slots or Playtech’s range of Marvel Jackpot slots.

When playing any of those slot games no matter what stakes you are playing or how many paylines you have activated and put into live play you will always have a chance of winning one of several live progressive jackpots. So make sure those are the slot games you do play for tiny stake amounts.

Jackpot Thermometer – If you are wondering which are going to be the best slot games to play then the first thing you should be looking for are the payout percentages that each slot game will have been designed to award players over their long term play.

If you stick to playing slot games which have a payout percentage of 98 or 99 percent that you are going to get more winning spins and much longer penny slot playing sessions than you ever would when playing penny slots that have been set with payout percentages of 80 or 82 parentage which many online slot games have been designed to return to players.

Also a good indicator of which slot games are payout out a lot and which slot games haven’t paid out anything major recently is the Jackpot Thermometer, you will find that attached to all Microgaming powered casino games which are available in their download gaming platform and by checking out the temperature displayed on each slot you will find out whether that slot is hot or whether it is currently cold.

Double or Nothing Strategy – One way of playing any slot games for low or even high stake amounts which may appeal to you is by you adopting a double or nothing type of playing strategy. This will see you simply aiming to double your casino account balance when playing any slot for pennies.

So for example if you have started to play any slot game with 20.00 in your casino account you will stop playing that slot game when you have either exhausted your account balance or when you have doubled that account balance.

By playing slots in that way you will always have a winning goal in mind and will always know when you are going to stop playing it and either cash out your winnings or move onto playing another slot game instead.

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