Optimizing Your Android Device for Playing Casino Games

androidTo enable you to get the maximum playing pleasure should you own an Android device and choose to use it to access and play the growing number of mobile casino games that many of our featured online casinos now offer, today we are going to take a look at how you can optimize that device to get a smooth and seamless playing session.

We will also answer several questions in this article that you may have surrounding the mobile gaming environment, which is now becoming just as popular are the online gaming environment.

Setting Up an Android Device to Play Casino Games

For the sake of this article, I’m going to assume you know the basics of the Android operating system, and its interface. Basically this means you know how to launch apps, close them, download apps from the Google Play Store and other sources such as websites, and you can locate and understand the settings menu, and know how to launch your task manager (even if you don’t know exactly what it does).

Before it comes to downloading the casino app of choice, you need to be sure you have the space required, for when you download the app, you aren’t downloading the games with it, but a shell of the casino that needs to have the games added to when you are ready. A bit like a land based casino, for all intents and purposes, it started out as an empty room, and gradually, one by one, the machines, roulette wheels and card tables are brought in.

So head on over to the Task Manager, go to Storage, and if you’re running low on spare space, tap Downloads, this will bring a full list of downloaded and standard apps. Uninstall the apps you don’t want or require, such as games you don’t play or blogging apps you don’t use such as Twitter or Facebook. Once you’re happy, clear the ram by tapping RAM, and tap Clear memory. This will give you more Random Access Memory for the tasks you’re doing, thus making them run faster.

When it comes to making your choice of online casino, I suggest you do this on an actual computer connected to the internet, it’s quicker, more comfortable for you, and also you can read any and all of the small print of any bonus related terms and conditions, without having to expand it on your phone. If you’re undecided how to find a casino you may want to play at, have a look around our website for many of the online casinos listed now have mobile casino sites.

Once you’ve decided on a casino, launch the casinos webpage in your browser on your phone, and download the app. Upon completing the download, launch your app, select the type of games you wish to play, and download the individual games. This can take a while so we suggest that you don’t do it over your 3/4G connection but use instead a physical WIFI connection to the internet. This will be faster and also cheaper for you. Continue to download games in this way until you have a nice selection of games that you want to play.

If you are a return player to any one mobile casino site, for example, you have a new phone, or already have an online account, simply log in with your usual credentials, if you’re a new player, simply sign up. The sign up process is painless and once complete you’re free to play for real money or as a guest.

To make sure you have the best experience, we recommend that you have a full charge on your Android device, and that the sound and vibration settings are turned off. You should really have the screen on its brightest setting, however, if this isn’t possible then opt to set it as bright as you can.

The reason we recommend the sound and vibration being turned off, is so you can play for longer with a brighter screen, basically, you’re sacrificing one for the other. Also, close any active apps before launching the casino, this will make sure that the RAM is dedicated only to core processes, such as the OS, and the casino app. Again, this will save on juice, but it will also allow the games to run more efficiently and faster.

Should you be playing, and you’re midway through a hand of Blackjack for example, or a spin on the roulette, and you lose your connection, don’t worry, as soon as the connection is re-established you’ll either have your initial wager refunded to your account, or you can use the self audit feature, to see the result, with any winnings being credited to your account automatically by the software.

Benefits of Playing Casino Games on an Android Device

When it comes to escaping boredom, the Smartphone is a great device. You can play games, read books, listen to music, check emails, the only thing it doesn’t do is give you coffee and a massage. Thanks to the way the internet and 3/4G have evolved over the years, you no longer need worry about excessive charges if you’re playing a casino app, as long as you have the actual game installed you wish to play, the only thing you’re sending is one bit piece of code, and the only thing you’re receiving is another bit of code.

For example, if you’re playing roulette, slots or cards, all of the animations are going to be stored locally on your device, which means, less data used as you aren’t streaming live video like you would at home in a browser based live casino.

It’s also great when you want to kill some time, for example waiting for friends in the pub, or on the way to work on the train. However, one word of warning, make sure you have enough charge in your device. Turn off anything that isn’t required so that would be WIFI (unless you’ve latched on to someone else’s), Bluetooth, GPS, Infrared etc.

This will ensure that you have as long a session as possible, and also save your battery life. We recommend that where possible, you charge your phone as well, for example your computer at work, or invest in one of those solar chargers to make sure that your phone always has the fuel it needs whenever you fancy a flutter.

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