Options for Choosing Your Own Free Spins on Slots

Should you be the type of player that wants to be in charge of your own destiny in regards to the way a slot game is going to play out any awarded free spins bonus games, then it is going to be the slots which permit you to select one of several different ways to play out any awarded free spins that are going to appeal to you the most.

You will of course find slot games which come with their own preset Slot Game Variance however, when you play a slot offering you the option of selecting the way your free spins play out, then you will be able to select the type of variance you want to have in play as those free spins are playing off.

Whilst some players will always select the highest number of free spins on offer those sets of spins usually come with a very small multiplier value. Those players looking to play in a high risk way will prefer to take the minimum number of free spins but on the biggest possible multiplier value, as by doing so they will have the chance of winning some large amounts of cash if the right matching set of high valued winning combinations spin in, more so if they are playing the slot for high stake amounts.

Which Slot Give Players Free Spins Playing Options?

There are four slot games listed below, and as soon as you spin in the required number of scatter symbols then you free spins adventure will begin! You will be faced with having to select which one of the available ways for your free spins to be played off, and it is important that you select the right one based on your wagered amount and the level of risk you want attached to that bonus feature round, so do pick wisely or you may not end up getting the winning payout you have been hoping for.

Dolphin Tale Slot – The Dolphin Tale slot is quite unusual in as much as you can pick how many free spins you wish to play off when three of its scatter symbols spin in to view, but the slot will then decide the value of the multiplier attached to those free spins!
 The options in regards to the number of free spins are 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins and the multipliers attached to them can vary from x2 to x20.

Loaded Slot – The Loaded Slot which is one of Microgaming’s multi line and multi stake slots will give you three options of just how to play of your free spins whenever a set of there of the Hand symbols spin in, these are scatters so it doesn’t matter where they appear on the screen as long as three of them drop into view you will be awarded with the bonus game.

Your three choices of how to play off your free spins are as follows: 12 free spins with x4 multipliers, 16 free spins with x3 multipliers or 24 free spins on with x2 multipliers.

Pure Platinum Slot – You really will have a hard decision to make when playing the Pure Platinum slot when three or more scatter symbols spin in, for when they do you have three different ways of playing off those free spins. The first option you can take is a huge number of free spins, in fact 50 of them can be selected and the multiplier attached to them is x1 which means the winning combinations formed are not increased in value.

You may however opt to play off 25 free spins and when you select this optional all winning combinations will be worth x2, the final option is to take just 10 free spins but each of those free spins has a multiplier of x10 in play and attached to them.

Sure Win Slot – Get three or more of the Bookmaker Scatter symbols spinning into view and you will be able to pick from one of the following free spins bonus rounds: 12 free spins which play off with x4 multipliers, 16 free spins on which the multiplier is worth x3 or you can opt to take 24 free spins on which all winning combinations formed are boosted in value by x2.

The base game jackpot in play on this slot game is 7000 coins, so keep that in mind as you could still win big even when choosing the set of free spins which comes with the lowest multiplier value.

Tips for Picking which Set of Free Spins to Take

It is all dependent on the level of risk you wish to take as each bonus game is playing off, but also the actual number of pay lines you have opted to play should also be factored into just which set of free spins you finally choose to play off.

If you are not playing all of the available pay lines then it would be prudent for you to opt for the maximum number of free spins on offer to you, as you are more likely to spin in a winning combination on the pay lines you have in play.

However, if you have activated all of the pay lines and wish to go for broke in a boom or bust bonus game playing way, then opt for the minimum number of free spins but those with largest multipliers attached to them, as it will only take on high valued winning combination to spin in to see you picking up some large amounts of cash at the end of the bonus game.

If you are looking for a Complete Guide to Free Spins on Slots then you will find we have just such a thing on our website! Take a look as there are a huge variety of slots offering free spins bonus feature rounds, and the way they award them can be different on many types of slots, and also can be the ay the free spins actually play out when you have been awarded with them.

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