Online Blackjack Betting and Playing Options

You can often be put off playing certain online casino games due to the simple fact you are not sure of how to control and operate those games, or you may be slightly confused in regards to what all of the game play control buttons and playing and betting options actually do, and if so then you are going to find this particular game playing guide very helpful if you are thinking of playing Blackjack games online.

There are quite a number of different Blackjack game variants available at all of our featured online casino sites, and whilst some Blackjack games are very easy to understand and easy to play you will often find that when playing variants you have never played before you may suddenly be offered or come across a betting or playing option that you have never seen before.

With this in mind please have a read through of this guide to playing Blackjack online for in it you will find the definitions of all of the different playing and betting decisions and game play control buttons you will find attached to lots of different Blackjack game variants, and as soon as you understand what each of them do and how they operate you should find playing Blackjack online a lot of fun and a great way of having plenty of winning opportunities due to the low house edge nature of these popular casino card games.

Chip Settings – You will find a plus and minus arrow or some such similar set of buttons at the side of most Blackjack game screens and this is where you are able to set the values of the chips you will be placing onto the betting box displayed on the Blackjack table in front of you. To select the value of the chips either click on the plus or minus button until the chip you wish to have in play is highlighted or simply click on one of the chip values displayed on the screen and the one you choose will be the ones you will be clicking onto position on the betting box in front of you.

Deal – Once you have chosen how much you wish to place on each hand of Blackjack you will be playing on the next game dealt out then all that remains for you to do to send the game into live play is to click on the Deal button. Once clicked the Dealer will then deal out your initial cards and his up facing card and you will then be faced with making one of the following playing decisions dependent on just which variant you are playing.

Stand –When you have been dealt out two initial cards then one of the options you will be given is in regards to how you can play off that hand is called the Stand option, when you click on this button your current hand will be the one in play for the duration of the game and you are not going to be dealt out any additional cards, so only click on the Stand button if you are happy with the value of your hand and you think it is going to beat the Dealers yet unseen hand combination.

Hit – You are able to hit your hand at any point in time when it is your turn to make your playing and betting moves, as long as your hand does not go over 21 in value. Hitting a hand is a free playing move and as such you will to be required to pay any additional wagers to make this playing move and each time you click on the hit button one additional playing card will be dealt out to your hand.

Double Down – There are some online Blackjack games that will allow you to perform something known as a Double Down when you have been dealt out two initial cards that are of a certain value. This playing decision is going to see you having to place an additional wager onto the Blackjack table when you click on the Double Down button and that additional wager is always going to be the exact same value as the initial wager you placed to send the game into live play.

When you click on the Double Down button you are going to be dealt out just one additional playing card, in the hope that the one you are dealt out helps you get an additional card that boosts your hand value to one higher than the yet unseen Dealers hand.

Surrender – Some Blackjack game variants are going to let you Surrender your hand when you have been dealt out a set of cards that you think due to the value of those cards is not going to beat the Dealers hand. When you take the Surrender option you are going to lose half of your initial wagered amount with the other half being returned to you.

There is a Late Surrender and an Early Surrender option available on some variants and these type of playing moves are dependent on whether the Dealer has checked his hand for Blackjack or not.

Repeat – The Repeat button is offered on various different Blackjack games and this is simply a way for you to place the same amount of initial chips and stakes on the next hand to be dealt out in the next game as you did on the previous game you played off.

Insurance – The Insurance wager is a poor valued betting decision that is going to be offered to you whenever there is a chance that the Dealers hand may contain an Ace with any 10 card. If you are offered this Insurance wager and you think the Dealers hand will end up being a Blackjack hand then by placing a wager of exactly half the amount of your initial staked amount if his hand does turn out to be a Blackjack hand then your Insurance bet is paid out at odds of 2 to 1.

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