Oscars Grind Betting System

Oscar’s Grind (also known as Oskar’s Grind) is one of the youngest of the popular progressive betting systems for even bets. This system is based on short sequences of play where the object is to gain a profit of one betting unit at the end of each sequence.

The idea here is that the players starts with one betting unit. A win means that the sequence is complete and a new one can start. If the bet looses, the next one is the same size as the one that was lost. The next time a bet wins, the player increases the following bet by one unit, and continues according to the sequence rules.

According to the myth, Oscar’s Grind was developed forty years ago by an American craps player named Oscar who always came on top at the end of a play day. This system is suitable for cautious players, and is a good alternative to other systems where the player doubles the betting unit or increases it in a rapid pace, such as the Martingale betting system.

When working with small stakes and small table limits, this system can work out very well for beginners who want to pace it. Of course, as with other progressive betting systems, here too the player needs to follow the rules, and prepare a large enough bankroll, that won’t leave him hanging after a long series of losses. As always, quitting while you’re ahead is also a smart move.

How the Oscars Grind Casino System Works

1) The player starts with 1 unit. (Example $2)

2) If the bet loses, the next bet is the same as its previous. (Still $2)

3) If the bet wins, the next bet is larger than the previous by one unit. (Now $4).

The purpose is to gain a profit of 1 unit at the end of each sequence.

The Grind can be applied for even bets in real money Roulette, Baccarat, War, and of course on Oscar’s favorite table – Craps.

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