Parlay Betting System

A Parlay bet is a bet that contains the same amount as the previous bet plus the winnings of the previous bet, a ‘let it ride’ kind of bet. A parlay system is based on such parlay bets. Since the bet goes up after a win, it’s considered to be a positive progression system.

Another option to play the Parlay is keep it even safer and take back some of the winning in order to avoid losing it all in case of the bet doesn’t win. The Parlay is very similar to the Paroli betting system.

Like most system based on hot streaks, it only works for the short term, and quitting while you’re ahead is very important. The system is suitable for bets that feature high winning odds, rather than unlikely bets. For example, when playing Roulette, it suits a Black/Red bet, but isn’t suitable for a straight up bet.

How the Parlay Casino System Works

1) The player places a bet. (For example, $20 on a bet that pays 1:1)

2) If the wins, he now has $40, and the player makes another bet with these $40. If he loses, the original bet is the only sum that came out of his pocket, and he puts a new small bet. If he wins, he lets it ride.

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