Payout Percentages on Progressive Jackpot Slots

There should only be two aspects of a progressive slot game that you take notice of and base your decision on whether to play that slot or not, the first is of course the size of the jackpot on offer, and the second thing is the long term expected payout percentage of the progressive slot game.

As you are likely to put in a play a large number of spins during any one progressive slot game playing session, then it will be advisable that you stick to playing slots which have the highest published and certified payout percentage, for the higher the RTP the more winning spins you will have and more of your stakes will be returned to you as payouts over the long term.

However, what we have noticed is that there are a few anomalies in regards to the payout percentages on several of Microgaming’s progressive slot games. When you are logged into a Microgaming powered casino you will find that there will often be two progressive slot games that share the same name.

This is due to Microgaming designing and launching a range of progressive slots that share the same jackpot pools and as such your stakes when playing either of them will feed and seed the jackpot pools, however one of the slots will be a three reel slot and one of them will be a five reel video slot.

Below have listed as part of our series of guides on Progressive Slot Game Playing Tips a listing of Microgaming’s entire current crop of progressive slot games, and will enlighten you on the published RTP’s for each of the slots listed. You are therefore advised to take note of these payout percentages and select the one with the highest RTP when you decide to play progressives slots online.

Cash Splash – You will find Microgaming offer a three reel and a five reel version of their very popular and long established Cash Splash slot. The RTP of the three reel version of this game is asset at 91.51% whilst you will benefit from a slightly higher payout percentage of 91.62% if you decide to play their five reel version of this slot.

Whilst the increase in RTP on the video slot version of the Cash Splash game may not appear to be that large, when you take into account just how many spins of this slot game you will end up playing over the long term, then it will be very beneficial for you to only every play he video slot version, as you still have the exact same chance of winning the progressive but will also benefit from a higher long term payout percentage.

Mega Moolah – There are several variants of the Mega Moolah slot game available at Microgaming powered casino sites, however it would appear that the best paying one is their original game in the series and that game has a RTP of some 88.12% whilst other slots such as the Mega Moolah Isis have a lower RTP of just 88.00%.

However, do be aware that the many slot games in the Mega Moolah series all have randomly awarded progressive jackpots on offer, and you have the same chance of being awarded one of them no matter which slot you opt to play but looking at those RTP’s you will be getting the maximum playing value by opting to play the original game as opposed to one of the newer slots in the series.

LotsaLoot – The LotsaLoot slot game is another of Microgaming’s progressive slot games that come as either a three reel slot or a five reel slot, and when playing the former you will be playing a slot offering a payout percentage of some 90.07%.

However, for added value and a slightly higher RTP then you should opt to play their five reel version of this slot for by doing so you will be playing a slot that has been designed to return to players 90.09% of all stakes as cash prizes over the long term.

Treasure Nile – There is just one version of the Treasure Nile slot game available at Microgaming powered sites, however as soon as you compare the payout percentage of this slot game with the others on this page you will realise that it will offer you much greater playing value.

This is due to the long term expected payout percentage of the Treasure Nile slot being set at 92.11%, however to have any chance what so ever of winning its progressives jackpot each and every time you play it you must put into live play all of its nine pay lines, which can sadly mean that it is a rather expensive slot to play if you only have a modestly sized bankroll.

Fruit Fiesta – One final progressive slot game you may enjoy playing at a Microgaming software powered online casino sites is the Fruit Fiesta slot game. This is another slot which is on offer as both a three reel and a five reel slot, but with no difference in the RTP of those two slots you will have the same chances of winning on the base game or of winning the progressive jackpot.

For reference the all important payout percentage attached to the Fruit Fiesta game is 90.09% and whilst not as high as some of Microgaming’s standard non progressive slot games, it does offer you the chance of winning a large progressive jackpot when playing it for only modest stake amounts, and as such it may just be a slot for you to check out and play one day soon.

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