People Gamble to Relax

Many believe that players who gamble do it only just for a shot at winning, but the truth is people play casino games for different reasons. Some players keep it cool and controlled with strategic play that requires alertness and self restrain. Others do it for the adrenaline rush, and pay little attention to bankroll management. And then there are the players who just want to relax and ease their mind.

Very few people allow themselves to engage in play after becoming grownups. As adults we tend to spend all of our energy at our job and chores, so that when we finally have some free time we are too tiered to do anything more than staring passively at the tv. To play means something else altogether: to be really engaged in a game means to be an actual part of the action, rather than just a viewer.

Ironically, after we finally grew into full-sized people, it looks like our options keep narrowing down. We have less opportunities to take our minds off things and dedicate an hour or two just for playing. Many people recapture the enthusiasm of old days when watching sports, but watching is still not playing. Sometimes, when all you want to do is get in the zone and forget about everything for a little while, all you have to do is play a game, be it a ball game with your friends, a computer game, or even if it’s just the free casino games.

Why does gambling have this relaxing effect? When we play a game we enter a different realm: we accept arbitrary rules that will expire as soon as we quit playing, and we become truly emotionally invested in every action that occurs as we play, even though the outcome is not related to our real lives. In a way we go into a private island of our own for a couple of hours.

While playing with a strategy or playing games like poker give us food for thought, sometimes our brain feels like chewing gum, saying ‘I’ve paid my dues at the office, now let me lean back, put my feet up and have fun’. The repetitive rhythm of the games and soft fading effects of the graphics are the mental equivalent of a backrub.

The most relaxing game in the casino is Baccarat, where there are no playing decisions, and the soothing green felt fills the screen. Another famous mind-easer is playing slot machines for real money, particularly when it features soft graphics. Some players are drawn to the spinning roulette wheel, mostly while playing the even bets.

The best thing about playing to relax is that you can do it even without any money, just by using the free practice games, or with as little as one cent per round. Even cheaper than going to the movies! The key to a relaxing play is to keep in mind that it’s just a game, take your wins and loses equally and just enjoy the ride.

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