Planning Your Online Slot Playing Sessions

Book-of-Ra-Slot-MainThere are many different gambling activities which will call for a great deal of planning, take for example sports betting, if you plan on having a wager on a sporting event then you will often find yourself studying the form of each team or player that you are thinking of betting on and this is all part of the fun of gambling.

However, you probably may never have pre-planned your online slot playing sessions, for whenever you get the urge to play slots you simply have to launch you favourite casino and then log in and start to play the slots that appeal to you.

But by actually spending a little bit of time planning your online slot playing sessions you could find yourself getting a few more winning sessions or at the very least getting a much lengthier slot playing session online by tracking down and finding the best promotional offers which all online casinos have on offer at one time or another.

In this guide we are going to take a look at how you can pre-plan your slot playing sessions and will let you know what you should be looking out for in regards to slot games to play and any bankroll boosting bonus offers and special promotions that will ensure you get true value from your slot playing budget.

Timing Your Playing Sessions

The first thing that you should do in plan when you next intend to play slots online, rather than just log ion when you get the urge, have a look at the promotions schedules available at many online casino sites, for when you do you will always find certain days and time of the week when their promotional offers are well worth taking.

You are least likely to find the best slot game bonus offers being made available at the busier times of the week, and as such forget about playing over the weekend and opt to log in and play on Monday’s or Tuesdays, as these are the quieter days of the week for most online casinos, then you will often find the bonus offers are usually at their most generous on these two days.

This is also true when you are looking to get involved in playing slot tournaments, for when the casinos are much quieter with not many players logged on, then you will increase your chances of winning a slot tournament if there are not the usual hundreds or thousands of other players also logged on and taking their chances on the slot tournaments.

In fact if you choose to play on the quieter days of the week and you end up winning and making a withdrawal then you will not have to wait very long to get your winnings sent back to you, when you play over the weekend for example, as many casinos in-house teams of cashiers tend not to work on Saturdays or Sundays then there can be a delay in you getting paid those winnings, as opposed to winning on a Monday or Tuesday when you will find your winnings are processed the same day if not the following day.

Choosing the Right Slot to Play

Rather than just simply sit down and get stuck into playing the first slot game you come across when playing at an online casino, do a little planning in regards to which slots may give you a slightly enhanced chance of winning.

At various times of the week for example many casinos will increase the number of comp points that they will award you with based on just how much action you give any of their slot machines, and by opting to play the slots which have higher than average payout percentages then you are not only going to have more winning combinations spinning in, but the extended game play you get on those slots with the highest payout percentages will mean you earn more comps when playing on days when enhanced comp points are being awarded.

It can also pay dividends for you to monitor the size of the progressive jackpots that are attached to the random jackpot awarding slots, for the lower valued jackpots on these games do tend to get awarded at regularly intervals, and by keeping your eyes on the values of the jackpots should you notice one jackpot reaching a higher than average amount then it may pay for you to give that slot games some play time, for the more overdue a jackpot becomes the more likely it is to be awarded to someone, and that someone may just be you.

Never be tempted to give a new slot games some play time, for whilst a new slot may boast all manner of new and exciting features or it may come with a theme you find interesting, the only reason you should play any slot game, whether a new slot or an older one, is by finding out what its preset long term expected payout is, and if it is not in excess of 96% then forget about playing it.

We have seen some all singing and all dancing brand new slot games being released recently and whilst they on first glance do appear to be very playable slots, when you actually take a look at the payout percentages they tend to be very low, and that simple fact will affect your long term winning chances when playing such a slot online.

One final thing to keep in mind, if you do have a very bad run of luck when playing online slot games, then always chance you arm and get in touch with the customer support team or if you have one your VIP host at the casino at which you are playing.

Let them know you didn’t have much luck on their slots and see if they are willing to flip you a free comp based on your losses, you will be surprised at just how many online casinos will give you a completely free of charge bonus when your slot playing sessions haven’t been that good.

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