Play N Go Roulette Available at Guts Casino

playngoAs well as having casino card and table games designed and supplied by some of the better known casino game designers, when you play at Guts Casino you will come across several games from different suppliers too.

They have recently launched a European Roulette game which has been designed by Play n Go, and if you fancy playing a low house edge, single zero Roulette game then read on offer below is an overview of everything this game has to offer players.

Table Limits

You will find that the Play n Go designed Roulette game on offer at Guts Casino is a game on which you will have a wide spread of different staking options, and below you will find an overview of the minimum and maximum permitted stakes on the different available betting opportunities this table game has on offer.

Inside Bets – You are going to be able to place a wager on any of the inside betting opportunities for a stake of just 1.00, the maximum permitted inside wager limit is 100.00.

Outside Bets – The minimum and maximum table stake limits on the outside bets are the exact same as are available on the inside bets and as such you can wager as little as 1.00 or as much as 100.00.

Maximum Bet per Spin – You can place a series of wagers onto this Roulette game which can collectively total up to 1000.00 per spin. That means with the lowest stake bet being 1.00 and the maximum one being 1000.00 this game will obviously suit both low and high rolling Roulette players perfectly.

Roulette Control Buttons

If you do fancy playing the Play N Go Roulette games then you will need to have an idea of how to place your bets and wagers onto the betting layout. Below is an overview of all of the game play control buttons attached to this game.

How to Place a Wager – To place a wager on any of the betting positions first click on the chip value you wish to bet and play for and then simply point and click your mouse onto the betting position or positions that you wish place a bet on. Each click of your mouse will place an additional chip onto your chose betting positions.

Clear Table Button – If at any time before clicking on the spin button to send the ball into live play you wish to change any of the bets you have placed onto the betting layout simply click on the Clear Table button and every single wager you have placed will then be removed from the screen. Be aware that you cannot remove any bets once you have clicked on the spin button and have sent the wheel and ball spinning.

Rebet Button – You can replace all of the wagers you placed onto the betting layout on the pervious spin an additional time and to do just that click on the Rebet button and all of those bets you placed on the last spin will then atomically be placed onto the betting layout for you instantly.

Payouts and House Edge

The house edge you will be playing against no matter which bet you place onto the Play N Go European single zero Roulette game is 2.70%, which is much lower than that offered on the American Roulette game that many online casinos try and get you to play.

Below are all of the individual bets and wagering opportunities that you can place on this Roulette game along with the payout odds if you do place any of them and the spin results in your chosen type of bet or number being spun in.

Straight-Up – Pick just one single number by placing your chip or chips onto it and if that number is the one spun in your bet will return a winning payouts of a very large 35:1.

Split – By placing your chip or chips between the lines separating any two numbers you will be placing something known as Split Bet, should one of those two numbers then spin in you will receive a winning payout paid out at odds of 17:1.

Street – This is a bet which will see you cover three numbers in a line on the betting layout and if any one of those three numbers does get spun in your winning payout will be paid out at 11:1.

Corner – You will be able to place a bet on four numbers and that bet is called a Corner bet, the four numbers positions next to each other are the ones which you can place this bet on and when you place it and one of the four numbers are spun in the winning payout you will receive will be 8:1.

Line – When you place a Line bet on this roulette game you are cover two streets of numbers and as such you will be betting on six numbers, should any of them be spun in then you will get a winning payout paid out at odds of 5:1.

Dozens – There are three different dozen number bets you can place in addition to the Column bets on this roulette game and when covering the twelve numbers in each of those bets if just one of them gets spun in then the winning payout will be paid out at odds of 2:1.

Columns – There are three column betting propositions on this Roulette game and to place a but you will have to put your chips in the betting located positioned at the top of the columns any one of the 12 numbers covered by this bet spinning in will see you wager being paid but at odds of 2:1.

Even Money Bets – You can bet on several even money paying bets and those bets include the Red or Black, Odd or Even of High or Low number betting propositions. Simply click to place your chips on any of the even money paying betting positions and those bets will then be live once you click on the spin button.

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