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We recently added the Exclusive Bet Casino to our range of fully approved and highest rated casino listings and one of the main reasons you will find them showcased on the Casinos for Money website is that they offer players a truly diverse range of games.

Whilst you will of course find every single type of casino game you could ever wish to play which are accessible by their state of the art no download gamin platform, we are aware of some rather unusual games which may just stir up an interest in you.

By visiting their website you will find a Virtual Sports tab on their main menu and one of the games which are available on that section of their very easy to navigate website is the Virtual Football game.  You may never have played such games before and as such below is an overview of how the Virtual Football game plays and pays.

How to Play Virtual Football

Virtual Football is a game which uses computer generated graphics to display a football game played between two virtual football teams. Before the game starts a random number generator is used to determine the outcome of each game played.

These games last for two full minutes and much like a real life football game there is both a first half and a second half both of which lasts 2 minutes. That random number generator is going to also determine which if any player will score and the time those selected players will score a goal.

Any time up until the moment in time the Virtual Football game kicks off you are able to place a range of different bets and wagers on the up and coming football match and a range of different staking options will be made available to you.

A full set of odds are displayed on the screen and by placing your wager on any betting opportunity the odds you took will be the ones that you will be paid out at if your chosen  wager or wagers is or are winning ones.

The names of the football teams are all fictitious obviously but they do have some similarities to UK football teams such as Liverpool City, Bristol Rangers and Wigan City! Should you be looking for a few distractions from playing your usual favourite casino games then these particular games available at Exclusive Bet Casino really are worth playing, and with some luck in playing you could win big on any game you play.

Bets Available on Virtual Football Games

As with any football game play din a real life environment, when you opt to get stuck into playing some of the virtual football games online then you are going to find a very large and very diverse range of betting opportunities become available to you.

With that in mind below we have a complete round up of each of the different types of wager you will be able to play on the nonstop virtual football games which are on offer 24 hours a day at the Exclusive Bet Casino site.

Outright Winner – There are going to be just three outcomes of any Virtual Football game and they are the match could end in a draw, that meaning both sides either score no gaols at all or they manage to score the exact same amount of goals.

If either the home team which is the team listed first on the screen and betting panel scores the most goals and therefore wins the match or the away team which is the team listed second on the betting panel score the most goals and wins that match.

You will be able to place a bet on the home team or away team winning or place a bet on the match ending in a draw, the odds however on each of those betting opportunities will vary, so please always be aware of that fact.

Correct Score – You will also be given the option of picking just how many goals each team will score in any Virtual Football match, and that type of bet is quite aptly known as a correct score bet! As there are so many different outcomes by way of the number of goals either team can of course score and how any game will end then you will find these types of bets can and do offer the highest valued payout odds.

However, do keep in mind it is going to be a tall order predicating the correct sore with here being such a large number of different possible outcome of each match played, however for the chance of running a relatively small and modestly sized wager into a large winning payout these types of bets may just be the ones that interest you the most.

Number of Goals – Another bet which may appeal to you is the wager on just how many goals will be scored in any one single virtual football match. There will be a range of different possible best and wagers on offer and as such if you think you can correctly predict just how many goals will be scored in the two minute play allocated to each match then place your money of the number of goals bet.

Over/Under – One final type of bet which will only have two possible outcomes on it is the over and under betting opportunity. When you place this type of bet you have to try and predict whether the total number of goals score will be over 2.5 or less than 2.5.

So if you think that collectively both teams will score no goals or no more than two goals between them then you need to place your wager on the Under Bet, however if you think collectively there will be three or more goals scored in any one single Virtual Football match then the wager you need to place your bet on will bet the Over Bet.

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