Playing Mobile Casino Games Securely

There are several things you do need to be aware of when you are playing casino games on your mobile devices and these all relate to the security of your device. Unlike you home computer on which you will play online casino games from the comfort of your own home, when you utilize a mobile device that device will of course be with you when you are out and about.

You therefore need to make sure that you take a few sensible precautions when you have a mobile device for it is quite easy to lose that device when you step outside your front door, and you will never want anyone else to be able to access whatever you have loaded up on that device such as your mobile casino account or your web wallet accounts.

With this in mind below we have a few tips for you to consider in regards to making sure that your mobile device is 100% safe and secure, and if you do every misplace, lose or get your mobile device stolen then by following the following advice you will reduce the risk of having your accounts compromised.

Mobile Device Password – The first thing that you should do when you have taken delivery of any type of mobile device is to set up your own password for that device. Do not use the default one supplied with your device, dream up your own unique password and once you turn that device on for the very first time make sure the first thing you do is install you own password.

By using a password you will then have the peace of mind in knowing if you do lose that device whoever finds it is not going to have direct access to everything you have on it.

Mobile Casino Apps – When you first download a Casino App and register as a new player you will be supplied with both a username and will be required to think up a password to allow you to log into the Casino App. Once again make sure the password you select is not an easy one to work out such as 1234 and also make sure that you do not let the App or your device automatically remember the password and log in details.

If you do choose to allow your device to remember your password and username then anyone who gets hold of your device is going to be able to log into your casino account.

Should you be worried about downloading a Casino App onto your device, there is another way that you are going to be able to use to access most mobile casino sites, and that is by using the web browser attached to your mobile device. But do make sure as an added precaution when you go out with your device that you clear the web browser history.

Web Wallet Apps – You are also going to find that if you use a web wallet many of those on offer will allow you to download their own unique App onto your device. Much like your casino account details you do need to make sure your device is not going to remember your web wallet user name or password.

For if your device does automatically remember your web wallet log in details, anyone who gains access to your device is going to also be able to access your web wallet account! In fact most people who have a web wallet account will not download that companies App onto their mobile device, just in case they lose their device.

Unsecured Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots – Many people will tend to log onto a free and unsecured mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot if they are out and about, more so if they are going to be downloading anything onto their mobile device or instead doing a lot of audio or video streaming.

By logging onto such a Hotspot they are not going to have to pay anything by way of data transfer fees and charges as they would if they utilized their mobile airtime providers’ services. However, you do need to take additional precautions in regards to using Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Never log onto the first Hotspot you come across. As you will not know whose Hotpot you are logging onto and there have been cases that when using an unknown and unsecure Hotspot the information you are sending over that Hotspot could be compromised and access by someone else.

With that in mind always ensure that you know who is supplying and providing the Wi-Fi Hotspot you are thinking of piggy backing onto. If you have any doubts about the security of any Hotspot then do not use it.

Licensed Mobile Casinos – One final aspect of ensuring that you have a completely hassle free and safe and secure mobile casino game playing experience is making sure that any casino site you choose to play at is a fully licensed mobile casino site.

Always checkout any mobile casino site you are thinking of becoming a customer of, and pay special attention to which Gambling Commission or Licensing Authority has issued that casino with a gaming license to operate. Ideally select a casino site that holds a full and valid gaming license in the country when you live and reside and are currently in.

By making sure that you are only playing at mobile casino sites licensed in your country of residence you will always have the license issuer to fall back on if you ever experience any problems playing at that site.

Plus you will always have the peace of mind in knowing the casino games you will be accessing and playing on your mobile device have been certified as being fair and random when playing at a fully licensed mobile casino site. Playing casino games at an unlicensed mobile casino site will be asking for trouble, as you will never know if the game you choose to play are 100% fair and random.

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