Playing Roulette with Bonuses

We have put together a series of casino game playing guides which look at the Mathematics of Casino Bonuses based on just what type of bonuses you are thinking of claiming from any online or mobile casino site based on the type of casino games you wish to play with those bonuses.

As one of the most popular casino table games you can play is of course Roulette this guide is going to enlighten you on what you should be looking for in regards to you claiming a bonus offer which is not only going to give you true value but increase your chances of winning with those bonus funds.

You will find not all online or mobile casinos are going to offer you a bonus which you can claim and then use on Roulette games, as one aspect to playing Roulette is that there are some very low risk bets and wagers which can be placed on the betting layout, and as such a player could massively reduce the odds of them losing on each spin by placing multiple bets across the betting layout.

This is why all Roulette bonuses are going to come with some very strict rules attached to them and in the following section of this guide we shall take a look at what makes a bonus a true valued one and one that you may be interested in claiming and using.

Best Valued Roulette Bonuses

The play through requirement that you are going to have to achieve when you are using any bonus which can be used on a roulette game is always going to be high. Also you will need to keep in mind if you do locate a casino offering you a bonus which can be used on any of their roulette games then there will always be a maximum limit you can wager per spin.

Not only that buy many casinos now implement a maximum bet coverage type of rules on their roulette bonuses, which mean you are not going to be able to place a series of bets on each spin which covers more than a certain percentage of the numbers on the roulette wheel.

The house edge of the roulette game you are playing coupled with the play through requirement you have to achieve before your bonus funds get turned into cash funds is important. When you are playing for example European Roulette then you are going to be expected to lose 2.70 for every 100.00 you wager.

Obviously that figure is theoretical however it is a figure many casinos use when decided the play through requirements attached to their bonus offers. With that 2.70% house edge in mind you will likely to bust out when you have played through a roulette bonus 37 times and as such the best valued roulette bonuses are those which offer a play through requirement of less than 37 times your bonus amount.

Which Roulette Games to Play

There are three commonly found roulette games that you are going to find available at most online casino sites. The first one is the American Roulette game, now that variant is one that no roulette player should ever choose to play for as it has two zeros on the wheel.

As there is no enhanced winning payouts on that game when compared to single zero variants the house edge is a large 5.26% meaning you are highly unlikely to win when playing with a bonus with a reasonable play through requirement.

The second roulette game you can play online is the European Roulette game variant we mentioned earlier, now no matter what bet you place on that game the house edge of that bet is 2.70% and as such there will be a fair and reasonable chance that you will win when you find a bonus offer which comes with a play through requirement of 37 times your bonus amount only when playing this variant.

However, there is a third roulette game variant that does offer a much lower house edge and that game is the French Roulette game. That variant offers a house edge of just 1.35% on all of the even money paying betting opportunities.

With that in mind if you are offered a bonus that can be used on any roulette game then make sure you play the French Roulette game variant with those bonus funds and only place even money bets to increase your chances of meeting the play through requirements.

Bets Casinos to Play Roulette

Omni Casino – Playtech designed and supplied casino games are what you are going to find on offer at Omni Casino, and one of the main attractions of playing roulette at this casino site is that you are going to be able to select some very low chip values. The minimum table stake limits are not as high as some other casino using different gaming platforms so this is a casino which is ideal for low rolling roulette game players.

Royal Vegas Casino – French Roulette is available at Royal Vegas Casino, however make sure you give their Gold Series version of that game a try for it comes with enhanced graphics which will increase your playing pleasure. Plus when you do play any of the real money Roulette game variants offered at this Microgaming software powered site you are going to be earning comp points which you can save up and swap for playing credits.

RedBet Casino – If you fancy playing live roulette games then one site that comes highly recommended is RedBet Casino. They have a state of the art live gaming platform on which you can play alongside other players and will be placing your bets and wagers onto a real life roulette table. You can also interface with the other players and the croupier so when playing live roulette you get a much more social type of roulette playing experience. Checkout our review for details of their current bonus offers.

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