Playing Slots on April Fool’s Day

april-foolBeing caught out with a well thought out April Fool’s Day prank will often leave you a little red faced, however if you are planning on playing some slot games today then you will find many online casinos will have all manner of different types of generous bonuses up for grabs which will not be an April Fool’s Day joke.

You can often rely on our Real Time Gaming software powered sites to offer you plenty of daily bonuses and several of our Microgaming Casino sites have also pencilled in some exclusive April the first bonus offers and promotions today.

So do have a look around our website for the online casinos you will find listed can always be relied on to help you make your slot playing budget stretch much further. To give you a few ideas on some of the best themed slot games that come with some form of fool, joke or even comical type theme below we have listed an overview of several of the slots we think are worth playing today.

Best Slots to Play on Aprils Fool’s Day

To ensure you can find exactly the type of slot game to play for real money today we have made sure we include slots of every single category of slot game, and as such no matter whether you fancy trying your chances on a 3 reel slot, a bonus game awarding slot or even a progressive jackpot slot you will find plenty of them listed below.

My Slot – You could have some fun this April Fool’s Day if you opt to play the slot that goes by the name of My Slot a try at Microgaming powered sites, for what this slot game allows you to do is to upload pictures and photographs onto the slot yourself. Imagine the look on a family members face if you “accidently” left your computer screen in view of them and they saw some unflattering pictures of themselves spinning around the reels of this slot as reel symbols.

Johnny Specter – Not particular an over comical type of slot but you could always point at the slot screen and announce that the Johnny Specter slot game is haunted, for there is a cute looking ghost in play on this slot game and unlike other reel symbols which spin around this ghost will glide around the screen until the reels stop then will launch itself onto one of the reels making that position wild.

Curry in a Hurry – Why not challenge a friend to a curry eating contest where he or she has to find the spiciest and hottest curry dish, then not invite them to an actual Indian restaurant but instead sit down to play the Curry in a Hurry slot which has such a bonus game on offer.

Jack in the Box Slot – The oldest April fool’s joke in the world is of course the Jack in the Box, whereby you get some poor unsuspecting soul to open a box only for something hidden inside to jump out when that box is opened. Microgaming has a slot of the very same name and this is in fact one of their standard, classical, 3 reel slots. Playing two coins per spin unlocks a new pay table on which 5000 coins is up for grabs.

Sizzling Scorpions – Another very unusual slot that you may enjoy playing on Aprils fool’s day is the Sizzling Scorpions slot, when playing three coins per spin on this fixed coin valued slot and you spin in a special Buzzard symbol then you will go Scorpion racing deep in the desert and that dear reader is no joke. Simply pick which one of three Scorpions you think is going to win the race and depending on where your selection finishes will determine just how much you have won.

Hip Hop Opotamus – You will be introduced to a Hippopotamus who wears a base ball cap and is also partial to wearing gold rings and gold chains and who loves Hip Hop music if you opt to play the Hip Hop Opotamus slot found in Microgaming’s downloadable gaming suite. This game is actually one of their many Fruit Machine type games which boast a whole slew of bonus game features and bonus rounds, many of which can award you with some fairly large winning payouts.

Pandamonium – Another fruit machine from Microgaming which you may think is some form of April Fool’s Day joke is their Pandamonium slot, this game features a Rock Music loving Panda who is a dab hand at playing the electric guitar, this is another high action and bonus game rich fruit machine on which just one payline can be set into play on its three reels.

The Gee Gees – One final fruit machine we would like you to consider playing this April fool’s Day is the Gee Gees slot from Microgaming. When you trigger the main bonus game on this slot you will come across a Disco Dancing Horse, and the aim of the potentially high paying bonus game is to work your way around the bonus board picking up prizes as you do so, the further you make it around the board the more you stand to win.

Online Casino April Fool’s Day Stunts

The best April fool’s Day stunt we have ever seen an online casino pull on their customers was a casino that emailed their customers telling them that a flaw had been found on one of their slots. The email went on to tell them that by playing the slot is a certain way a winning payout would be spun in.

Whilst this flaw was purely the imagination of the casino manager he did get a lot of stick from players who fell for the joke and played the slot in that bizarre way and never won anything. It certain was a novel approach to getting your players to play a slot game and spend their money on the 1st of April, just be wary of any unusual emails sent to you this April fool’s Day.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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