Playtech Slot Playing System

We are often asked if there are ways that you can play Playtech slot games online in such a way that you will stand a better chance of winning, if it had to involve cheating. The reason Playtech slots machines are so very popular with online casino game players is that every single game they offer is completely random and have been certified and licensed as being such.

This does of course mean that when playing any of the hundreds of different Playtech slots online you will never really know if you are going to have a winning session or a losing one. However the savviest of real money online slots players are aware that there are some things to look out for and different ways of playing Playtech slots that will increase your winning chances.

As such below we have put together a Playtech slot playing system, follow this system if you are looking to increase your winning chances, as mentioned above Playtech slots are random and fair so we cannot guarantee you a winning session.

But by knowing what to look out for and how to play slot in certain ways then you will always have a greater chance of cashing out some winnings when using the following slot playing system, so give it a try and see what you think of it, you never know if everything falls into place when playing online slots you could bag a small or not so small fortune.

Choosing a Playtech Casino

The first thing you will of course need to do is to find a Playtech powered casino site if you want opt play Playtech slots online! You may already have chosen one at which to play at, however if not we recommend you stick to playing at those listed on our website for they offer the full package in regards to great bonus offers and regular promotions, all of them are fully licensed and they pay quickly when you win.

Taking a Bonus

The one way you will often get more chances of actually winning when playing Playtech powered slot games online is to start with a much bigger bankroll than you had anticipated playing with. This is where casino bonuses often come in, you need to carefully consider whether taking a casino bonus is really a good idea for they often come with lots of different rules and terms and conditions.

As a general rule when you are wishing to play slots online try and take a bonus, if one is offered, only when it is a deposit match bonus of 100% in value or over, and only take bonuses that require you to play through the bonus only and not the deposited amount. The lower the play through requirement the better, any play through requirement of 25 times or less of the bonus amount does offer good value.

Choosing a Slot

Once you have found an online casino at which to play and have or have not claimed a bonus, then you will now of course need to choose a slot game to play. There are hundreds of them on offer at Playtech powered sites and as such you really are going to be spoilt for choice or even a little overwhelmed by them all.

However, in regards to picking a slot game to play there is one rule that you should always stick to, and that is to only play the slots boasting the highest payout percentages. Forget about whether a slot looks nice, has funky sound effects or even has a huge progressive jackpot attached to it, it is solely the payout percentage that makes a slot game worth playing.

We have a special section of our website that lists all of the better paying Playtech powered slot games, please make sure you read through it, or have a look at our Playtech slot game reviews, for on each and everyone of them you will find the payout percentages that the slot has on offer, and as such look to play slots offering a payout percentage of at the very least 97% and nothing lower.

Choosing a Stake

One very important aspect of playing slot machines online or in a land based casino, is that the amount you put into live play on each spin of the reels you make is important and you should never gamble and put at risk any amount that is too high for your available slot playing budget to handle.

When playing any online slot you will be looking to play at the very least 50 spins per session or better still 100 spins per session as an absolute minimum and as such then you first need to divide your current slot playing budget by 50 or 100 and then use that figure as the maximum amount you will play on each spin of that slot playing session.

Set Up a Win Goal

One mistake a slot player will make when they are playing any online or land based slot, is that they will have had a dream of winning a huge fortune and this can often cause them to lose sense of reality.

When you are playing slots try and put in your mind a sensible figure that is going to be your winning goal for the session, this figure should always be a percentage of your slot playing budget for that session, and a good rule is to stop playing when your bankroll is increased by 50%, 75% or even 100%.

No one obviously likes to walk away from a hot and loose slot which is paying out a lot, however by doing just that you will not only lock in a profit but will have money available for another slot playing session when you are next in a slot spinning mood.

If you continue to play and play when you have had a winning session or even increase your stakes too high then as is often the case you will find those winnings rather quickly get gobbled up.

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