Playtech’s Live Dealer Blackjack Games

live-dealer-blackjackApart from the oversized playing cards, which guarantee that you can always see just which cards have been dealt to you and the fact that you are playing from your own home, office or when out and about, you will find the Playtech live dealer blackjack games just as good if not better than playing at a real land based casino.

Depending at just which Playtech powered casino site you are accessing their live blackjack games you will find various different stake levels available in several different live blackjack rooms, the most commonly found minimum stake level on Playtech’s live online blackjack is just 1.00, however by shopping around from casino to casino, should you be a high rolling player then you will find many sites offering maximum table stake limits of up to 2500.00 per hand.

You will find Playtech’s standard blackjack game available in casinos utilizing their live gaming platform is played with 8 full and complete decks of playing cards in the shoe, a new shoe is put into play once the old shoe has been used, the removal of the old shoe and the arrival of the new shoe is shown on the live video stream to ensure complete integrity and transparency.

This live blackjack game is played according to the Vegas Strip game playing rules and as such the following rules and payouts are attached to this game:

A Player, when he or she has chosen to Split a hand, can only Split that hand once and therefore cannot Re-Split any hand. If those Split cards are Aces then only one card is going to be dealt to either Ace which means you cannot draw (Hit) to any Split Ace.

If any other Pair has been Split then a Player may, if they wish to, Double Down on either hand once an additional card has been dealt to each card. Be aware that when a Player Doubles Down should the Dealer’s initial card be an Ace and then the Dealer goes on to get a Blackjack hand with that Ace then the entire Players base and Double Down stakes are lost.

However, if the Dealer’s initial card is a Ten or 10 valued card and the Dealer gets a Blackjack hand after the Player has taken a Double Down then the Player is paid back his losing Double Down portion of his or her bet.

You should enjoy playing Playtech’s live online blackjack game, however should you be on the lookout for a band new Blackjack game variant that is offered at all Playtech powered live casino sites then do carry on reading for information on the new and recently launched Unlimited Blackjack game which should give you additional fun, entertainment and winning opportunities.

Playtech’s Unlimited Blackjack Game Variant

When accessing Playtech’s live online casino games you are going to come across a brand new game on offer and this is their Unlimited Blackjack game, now this new variant has some major differences in place in regards to the way it is played and as such it is important you fully understand the unique structure of this game before you consider giving it a try online.

The game is called Unlimited Blackjack for a reason, and that reason is that unlike on standard live dealer blackjack games there is no maximum number of players that can join any single table, and another major difference is that you can play more than one hand per game.

You are able to not only play up to five different hands per game of Unlimited Blackjack dealt, but the game also comes with an optional side bet option. This side bet option is a Perfect Pairs side bet and you can place this on one or more hands that you have chosen to play per game.

When playing Unlimited Blackjack as there are no limits on the number of players sitting at that table playing each hand, then you need to be aware of several different aspects of how the game will unfold.

If you are playing any one hand and choose to Stand your hand, then your hand will Stand, however as another player playing the same hand as yourself may choose to Hit that hand then an additional card will be dealt to that hand, however that additional card will not have an effect on your two cards, so if that other player busts by Hitting the hand, your hand will not bust.

This same type of game play rule is also in place in regards to Doubling Down, if you do not choose to Double Down then should another player take this option any additional card dealt out to the hand you and he/she are playing will not have an effect on your hand which has not been Doubled Down.

Also in regards to Splitting a hand, Playtech’s Unlimited Blackjack game has attached to it an Optimal Strategy table and on this table will be a listing of certain hand combinations that when dealt out as a Pair will allow the Dealer to offer you a Split betting option.

Should one of these Pair hands be dealt out to you then you are only able to Split those hands or Fold your hand, you are not able to Stand or Hit them.

If one of the Pair hand combinations that do offer the Split or Fold betting option be dealt out on any single hand you are playing and you opt to Fold that hand then your stake will be returned to you less a 20% commission, and you will not be able to take part in that hand any further.

Should you decide to take the Split option on any Pair offering this betting move, then you will, as standard, be required to place another stake onto the table to cover the new hand that is formed and can then continue playing as normal by either Hitting, Standing or Doubling Down on the two separate hands formed.

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