Playtech Launches New Live Roulette Game

rouletteIt has been quite a while since Playtech added any new games to their Live Casino gaming platform. However, they have just added another Roulette game, and this new game is the only one you should play if you enjoy playing Roulette in a Live Casino format.

This new game is the Live French Roulette variant, which comes with the special La Partage game playing rule which will return half of all even money paying bets should a zero end up being spun in.

The rule therefore reduces the house edge of 2.70% to a much lower and much more manageable 1.35% when you place even money wagers! Be aware however, that as this is a French language game many of the betting positions on the betting layout are of course in French, and to help you understand what these are we have listed them below for you.

Live Roulette Betting Opportunities

Below are the most commonly placed wagering opportunities found on the brand new Live French Roulette game from Playtech, these betting opportunities are identical to those found on the European Roulette variant except the even money paying wagers are subject to the La Partage rule mentioned above, and the payouts are the same as the bets on the European variant, the only difference is the name of these bets are they are in French.

Plein – This is the name given to any single Straight Up bet, so for example if you have placed bets on number 9 then you have placed a Plein bet on that number.

Cheval – This is the name given to a Split Bet, so for example is you have placed a chip on the dividing line between any two numbers such as one and two then that bet is a Cheval bet.

Transversale Pleine – This is a bet on three numbers on a single vertical line often called a street bet.

Carré – This is the name given to the Corner Bet on the French Live Roulette betting layout and when you place this kind of wager you will be covering four different numbers in one single wager.

Transversale Simple – This is commonly known as the Line Bet on European and American Roulette games and when playing this kind of wager on the Live French Roulette betting layout you are covering a total of six different numbers.

Colonne and Douzaine – The Colonne bet is a bet covering all twelve numbers in any of the three columns and the Douzaine bet covers and of the three Dozen Bet on the betting layout.

Rouge/Noir – These two bets are the colour bets, and as such when you place a Rouge Bet you are hoping any of the Red numbers spin in and conversely when you bet on the Noir betting box you are hoping to see a Black number spin in.

Pair/Impair – The Paid Bet is the Even numbers and the Impair Bet is a bet that covers all eighteen of the Black numbers.

Manqué and Passé – The Manqué Bet covers all of the numbers from and including one to eighteen in one single bet and the Passé Bet covers the numbers form ad including nineteen to thirty six. These two bets are more commonly referred to in English as the Low or High Bets.

Live Roulette Winning Payouts

All of the payouts listed below are going to be paid out to you depending on which bets you have placed and whether those bets are winning ones! Remember a zero spinning in when you have placed any of the even money paying betting options will see you getting half of those losing stakes back.

Plein Bet Payout – Betting on any one single number on the French Roulette wheels betting layout and then seeing that number being spun in will get you a winning payout of 35 to 1 on the stakes you placed on that number.

Cheval Bet Payout – Placing this Split bet will see you picking up a winning payout of 17 to 1 whenever one of the two numbers this bet covers spins in.

Carré Bet Payout – Any one of the four numbers spinning in covered by your Split or Carré bet will return a winning payout to you of 8 to 1 of your staked amount on that betting position.

Transversale Simple Payout – When you place this Line Bet if any of the six numbers spin in then a winning payout worth 5 to 1 of your staked amount on that respective betting location is paid out to you.

Colonne and Douzaine Payout – You are awarded with a 2 to 1 winning payout should any one of the twelve numbers covered in either the Column or Dozen bets you have placed spin in.

Rouge/Noir Payout – You get paid out at even money when you have placed a winning Rouge or Noir Bet or half of your losing stakes back when you place either of these two bets and the zeros spins in.

Pair/Impair Payout – The payout on the Pair and Impair Bets are exactly the same as the above two bets and you also get half of your losing stakes back on either of these two bets when a zero has been spin in.

Manqué/Passé Payout – The final two winning payouts we are going to tell you about are those for the Manqué and Passé Bets. These both also payout at odds of even money when you place either wager and the winning numbers is either High or Low, these two bets also benefit from the La Partage rules so half of losing stakes are returned should a zero spin in.

Real Money Wagers Only

Please be aware that if you do wish to play this French Roulette game at any Playtech software powered casino site, then you are only able to do so in real money. No free play options are available on any of the currently available Live Casino Games. However you can play their software driven French Roulette game for free.

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