Learn How to Play Playtech’s Live Dealer Baccarat Game

Should you fancy giving any of the Live Dealer games a try at a Playtech online casino, then one game which you should have no problems getting to grips with if you haven’t played it before is Live Baccarat. This is a very simple to play casino card game that can be played for low or very high stake levels.

When playing Live Dealer Baccarat you are going to be able to see the Dealer via a live video stream and as such can always keep track of where the game is up to whilst also being able to physically see the cards being dealt out and put into play, a chat feature is also available on this game so you can chat and interact with everyone else sat around the Baccarat table along with being able to communicate with the Dealer.

Live Baccarat Playing Structure

To start playing Live Dealer Baccarat at any Playtech powered site you will of course need to be logged into such a site and have an account balance in place, then simply following the links to the Baccarat game and click on the table at which you wish to play and then the game window will launch.

You will be allocated a seat and once any game that is currently in play has finished you can then place your wager directly onto the table by clicking your chips into place on the betting boxes in front of your seat.

Two hands will then be dealt out once all players have placed their stakes, however, there are three possible betting opportunities available on Baccarat, and the basic aim of the game is to pick the hand which is going to be determined as the winning hand, a winning hand will be the one which has a total card value of 9 or closer to a total of 9 than the other hand, or the game might end in a Draw/Tie.

The three hands you can wager on are therefore the Dealer’s hand, the Players hand or the Draw/Tie bet. When the game gets underway the Dealer then deals out two cards to both the Player’s hand and the Banker’s hand.

All picture cards have a total value of the face value of that card, however any Ace is going to be worth 1 and any Ten, Jack, Queen or King Card is worth zero. Both of the two cards dealt to the Player’s and Banker’s hand are totalled up and the value of those two cards will be displayed on the screen, be aware if any hand has a value of ten that hand will be deemed to have a total of zero.

Whichever hand has a total value of as near to 9 will be the winning hand, however, there are certain circumstances where a third card may be dealt out to either the Player’s or Banker’s hand, and these are described below.

Be aware that Playtech’s Live Dealer Baccarat game uses six full decks of playing cards in the shoe.

Playtech Live Dealer Baccarat Third Card Rule

If either the Banker’s or Player’s hand has a value of 8 or 9 then no additional playing cards are dealt out to those hands and as such the total value of both of the two cards in each hand will determine the outcome of that one game.

However, there are times in a Live Dealer Baccarat game when a third card may be dealt out and we shall now explain when an additional card will be dealt out to each respective hand.

Banker’s Hand Third Card Rules

The Player’s hand will always be dealt a third card when the combined value of the first two cards dealt to that hand is 0, 1 or 2. Should the Banker’s hand be worth a total value of 3 and the Player’s hand has a value of anything other than a 7 then a third card is dealt to the Banker’s hand.

Should the Banker’s hand have a combined total of 4 then a third card will only be dealt to the Banker’s hand when the Player’s hand has a total value of 2 to 7. A Banker’s initial two card hand which is worth a total of 5 will result in a third card being dealt to it only when the Player’s two card hand is worth 4, 5, 6 or 7.

Finally should the Banker’s initial two card hand be worth a total value of 6, and the Player’s hand have a value of 6 or 7 then the Banker’s hand will get a third card dealt to it.

Player’s Hand Third Card Rules

The Player’s third card rules are very straight forward to understand, and as such when this hand is worth 0 to 5 in value then an additional third card is dealt out to that hand.

Stake Levels and Payouts

A minimum stake wager when you are playing Playtech’s Live Baccarat game is only going to cost you 1.00, whilst the maximum stake per have dealt is a larger 1000.00, and as you can place any amount in between those two figures you should comfortably be able to afford to play this game no matter what the size of your gaming budget is.

In regards to the amounts of cash you can win per hand, this is obviously dependant on just how much you wagered on any winning hand. There is a house commission of 5% that is charged on all winning Banker’s hand bets and this is taken out of the even money payout odds paid to any winning Banker hand you wager on.

The Player and Tie hand bets do not attract a commission, and the payout odds for a winning Player hand are even money and if you place a Tie bet and the game does indeed end in a draw then your Tie bet wager is paid out at quite high odds of 8 for 1.

Should you have bet on either the Player’s or Dealer’s hand and the game ends up being a Tie hand then your stakes will be returned to you.

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